Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PBR how I love thee...

Since Halloween dared to fall on the first day of the PBR finals, we stayed home this year which was more than fine by me. First of all, I could care less about Halloween. I'm saving my enthusiasm for when I have kids who I can torture dress up and parade around. I did don a costume and threw the candy out the door as fast as I could so I could get back to PBR.... er, I mean lovingly placed sugar in each adorable baby/child/teen/adult's basket, commented on their costume, and slammed the door... our little neighbor Cody was sooo stoked that I was wearing a costume, he made his parents check it out. Haha awkward!

Anyways, PBR! Last weekend was the first weekend of the finals. As you know, I am OBSESSED with Professional Bull Riding... hmm, actually I just checked for a post to link back to explaining my obsession and there isn't one. Just a little mention at the end of this one. I think that I couldn't put it into words. Lets just say, imabigfan. It is the only sport I follow. I check the rider stats, bull stats, injury reports... OBSESSED.

This year, the new PBR Team Shootout format came to our fair. Obviously, we were front and center. It was the second ever event in the Shootout tour, and the first hadn't even been televised yet... so VERY EXCITING! Also I got to meet Adriano Moraes 3 time world champ who is retiring this year. YES!

Back to the Finals, they were amazing. Justin McBride has announced that he will be retiring right after the finals. Wow. He is in the prime of his career. Crazy. Thanks for the 2 weeks notice, sheesh.

Round One (place, rider, bull, score):

1 J. B. Mauney
Ricky Bobby :
2 Renato Nunes Nasty Mike:

3 Kody Lostroh Cat Man Do:

3 Guilherme Marchi Scaredy Cat


Round Two:

1 J. B. Mauney Troubadour

2 Guilherme Marchi Copperhead Slinger

3 Renato Nunes Nervous Waters


Round Three:

1 Brendon Clark Pearl Snap

1 Ross Coleman Outsider

2 Reese Cates Firewater

2 Justin McBride Gonzales Black

3 Chris Shivers Flash


And some Round 3 pics!

Brendon Clark's 90.75 ride:
Ross Coleman's 90.75 tie for 1st:

Reese Cates's 90.50:

And Justin's 90.50 tie for 2nd:

And a few pics I've taken (I won't post all 59,000 mmmk?):

Me and LJ Jenkins.... I sort of didn't want to let go....

Me and Adriano Moraes because we should just stare at him again....

then a few other things:

So, now you know, if you ever want to see me amazingly excited, mention PBR. And if you ever want me to be at party, make sure it doesn't coincide with a big PBR event:)

Since we did turn down all Friday Halloween invites, we went to a party on Saturday night instead (after PBR round 2 was over:). I'll post pics of that soon.


Beth McDermott said...

Wow. A new side of Stephy I never knew! are you sure you arent just plaing games and trying to keep me interested...? Also? Those cowboys are pretty. I want them all.

Becky said...

Mmmm,Justin McBride...wish I could've made it to that! And I wasn't even able to catch it on television:(. Next time I'll be there!

Steph said...

Becky- man, you missed a GREAT time! I hope hope hope they come back next year. Randy Bernard, the PBR CEO since '95 graduated from Cal Poly and worked at the Fair for 6 years booking Entertainment.... so, they kind of have a tie to us:)

Beth- No I am not playing games:) I feel like I can't explain HOW OBSESSED I am, so, usually I just don't mention it. Plus, most people say "what is a 'pbr?' " haha

Becky said...

Way cool! Now,if they could also get Colby Yates out there with a guitar,that would be like heaven...*happy sigh*

Steph said...

Justin McBride also plays guitar! I think there should just be an entire PBR concert. That would be fun haha.