Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tina and Tom's Engagement Party

Saturday was Tina and Tom's Engagement party. It was a blast. About 28 people ended up coming! I was pretty stressed because I have literally only had the weekends to work on getting ready for it, and the last two weekends were my sister's 21st b-day, and my friend Liz's 25th b-day... so, I had Friday evening (well we stayed up till 2:30 AM) and Saturday morning to get things together.

Saturday I woke up to a flat tire... and of course my car was already loaded FULL of stuff to bring to the house which all had to be taken out to get to the spare.... thanksabunch. After Jerad was nice enough to unload everything in my trunk and change my tire which made him miss a welding quiz in SLO, we discovered that for some reason this Altima didn't come with a full size spare... even though both of the Altima's I had before did. Same model. So I had to fit a tire repair into my morning as well.

Besides being stressed about the time factor, everything was good. The groceries showed up about 30 minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive, but the burgers were still done on time and no one complained.

Okay okay, on to the good part, the pics:

The yard before:

Larry setting up lanterns:And After:

I made these little guys:

And then found these at Michaels. Tina's fav flowers are daisies, and favorite color is green. I pretty much forgot a pic of the food, but we had burgers, salad, chips and salsa.
Some of the guests:

Oh, there we go, a pic of the food!
Later we played something like "The Newlywed Game." We picked 4 couples who had been dating/engaged/married for different lengths of time, separated the girls from guys, asked them questions, and who ever matched the most answers with their partner won.

This is Melinda a little mad that Larry got an answer wrong:And Larry thinking hard so that he gets the next one right:

Some of the questions that the guys had to answer were:
-What dollar amount is spent per month on hair, makeup, and shoes?
-What is the price of groceries per week?
-Who was your partner's best friend in highschool?
-How long after marriage should you wait to have children?
-What percentage of the diapers should the husband change?

And the girls:
-What dollar amount can be spent on recreational vehicles per year?
-What are your partners dream vehicles (limit 3)?
-Who was your partner's best friend in highschool?
-At what age was your partners first kiss?
-How many times a week should you be "intimate" with your partner?

some of the answers were pretty funny, but for the most part people were really close. We actually had to have I think 3 tie breaker rounds, but Tina and Tom won after answering "How many children, what genders, and what names?"

The dessert, chocolate cupcakes w/ chocolate frosting.
Homemade butter cake with homemade buttercream icing, whipped cream and strawberries.
Anabelle was a BIT excited:)

I just need to take a minute to make a shout out to Alex and how much he totally ROCKS and scored me not 1, but FOUR PBR tickets for the fair this year. Besides the normal rodeo on Saturday, they are bringing in PBR on Sunday... So, Jerad, me, Taylor and Dom will def be there this year! Sooooooo excited!!!!! And not just in the stands, down in the corrals. Holy crap, I think I just peed myself. I may be a bit obsessed with Professional Bull Riding. Can it get any sexier? Oi. Even though I apparently pretended like I didn't know him 5 years ago when I waited on him in a cafe (bitch I know). Thanks Alex!!!
I was slightly in love with this wrapping job:
Tina is slightly in love with this one:

The girls:
Anyways, I think everything went well and I'm glad so many people made it. I'm pretty sure I might be looking forward to their wedding more than if it was me getting married... hmmm. Haha anyways, congrats guys and hope you make it home safe!

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Flo Oakes said...

It looks fabulous! The cake looked perfect. Great job!