Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today is a Good Day for Awesome

I am in a freakishly good mood so far today. I know its 8:30, so I don't want to jinx it or anything, but so far it seems like today is going to be gooooood. Yesterday I worked my butt off and got all caught up on things I have been putting off for months.

One of the easiest things (well, probably the easiest thing) I do at my job is pull up invoices on the computer for all International shipments, make them into PDF's, and email them to our International office. Then I put the invoice and a copy of the email in the job folder and file it numerically by PO. The invoices are generated as soon as the orders ship, so supposedly I do them at that time. That takes what? A minute? Well, for some reason I hate doing it... I don't know why. It drives my crazy. Its just so.... mundane. Our International office doesn't use the invoices to pay us, they just get tracking and serial number info off of them, however they always just email me and ask for the info even if I have sent them the invoice so the whole operation is pointless.

So, I put it off and put it off until the files and invoices are all over my desk. Then do I file them? Nooooo.... I make them into a neat stack and put them on the corner of my desk. Well, this has been going on for about a month. Yesterday I finally took care of every pending thing on my desk... including the invoices. It was not so fun. Yes they only take a minute each, but when it's a month's worth... considerably longer.

By this point I'm sure you are incredibly bored... I can't imagine reading about my procrastination is interesting. ANYWAYS, I am super excited to walk into work today (on time thankyouverymuch) and not have this big pile of to-do crap staring me down all day.

Plus tomorrow is payday and I just realized that I still have my check from last week that I never deposited, so its like a double pay day.

Rock on good day!


Anonymous said...

Hope today DOES go awesomely,and that all that boring busy work doesn't turn your brain into jello:)

Beth McDermott said...

AND, we have a hot date soon!
ps- my new friday curves itinerary includes the usual work out and tan sesh followed by a walk thru food 4 less to stock up for the weekend and grand finale is a huge helping of nonfat frozen yogurt from the place right by the store for dinner. mmmm!