Thursday, April 10, 2008

The bad kid on the play ground.

Apparently I didn't miss any wagging tales and puppy smiles at the vet this evening. When Jerad got there he said Buddy totally knew where they were and was so excited he was dragging him to the door. Once they got in he was fine for the first few minutes then.... he started growling at the dogs in the office????

Um, anyone who has met Buddy will know this is REALLY weird. I didn't even know he could growl. He is the gentlest, most patient dog when it comes to playing with other dogs. Whether its letting Beth's new puppy climb all over him
or literally laying down on the ground at the dog park so that the little Yorkies and Chihuahuas can play with him. He will play with old dogs, tiny puppies, huge rough dogs, shy dogs... whatever. Aggressive dogs even. Sometimes he is a little over enthusiastic, but never growls or is aggressive!

Maybe he just missed his momma. Or maybe the dogs were giving off some weird vibe... I don't know. Jerad had to take him in the parking lot to wait though. Once he went in to get his shots he was totally fine, and when he came out there was a dog who wanted to eat him and he went back to his waggy friendly self. Who knows.

When Jerad told me the story I just felt embarrassed, like I was the mom with the mean pushy kid on the playground...

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