Monday, April 14, 2008

Junk in trunk update:)

Last week I posted this blog freaking out that the only fruits of my new workout and healthier eating habit was that my butt was flattening out and my bra size was going down? Well, I started doing a ton of different exercises for the thighs and butt every night... I was pretty sore for the first few days but I'm in a routine now that I just do before bedtime, it only takes about 10 minutes and I am already noticing the difference.

Also, I hate to even write this because maybe I am imagining it, but I believe the topapax I started taking for my migraines(you can read about that here, here, here, here, and here ) is making my boobs get bigger... because something is definitely going on there... and there is no other reason...

As far as taking the topamax goes, I am still on the 50 mg and still no major side effects. I skipped my Saturday dose because I didn't want to mix it with the alcohol and so last night resumed taking it. I am having way more memory issues today. I forgot how to draw a "$" sign. Also my coworker in the panama office decided that I need to be practicing my spanish so he is only instant messaging me en espaƱol. That is a strain on my little brain haha. The doctor told me if I missed a dose the side effects would be worse for awhile... the whole conversation was very confusing... it went basically like this:

Doc: Do you drink alcohol?
Me: Nope. Occasionally... like socially....
Doc: Good. You should avoid alcohol while on this medication.
Me: Okay! No problem! Er, what about special occasions?
Doc: Everyone always asks me that...
Me: ...
Doc: ...
Me: Like, will I die if I have a few drinks?
Doc: *laughs* No no no, alcohol is a 'downer,' and so is the topamax, so you can become depressed.
Me: Okay, I can see how it would be bad to be a regular drinker, but it doesn't seem like one night would be bad. You're saying I could get a bit weepy?
Doc: Well, in extreme circumstances people have had suicidal thoughts
Me: Um, okay, I'll remember that...
Doc: Alcohol also cancels the effects of the medication and intensifies the side effects.
Me: So, if I do happen to have a drink or two should I skip my dose that day?
Doc: I can't recommend differing from taking the medication as prescribed...
Me: So take it anyways?
Doc: I can't recommend taking it with alcohol.
Me: Er, I'm starting to feel like a closet alcoholic begging you to okay my habit...
Doc: There are people you can talk to about that.
Me: Seriously. I don't drink. Only Socially. Like once a month. But I have a sister turning 21, and a friends turning 25 and we're going wine tasting. And I plan on drinking. Unless you specifically tell me not to. I don't do well with this "can't recommend" business.
Doc: You want me to recommend that you drink and take medication?
Me: No, I just want you to tell me that if I happen to have a drink or 3 on special occasions that are few and far between I will not foam at the mouth or start having seizures
Doc: That will almost certainly not happen. Like I mentioned, alcohol intensifies blah blah blah
Me: Okay, my sister's 21st birthday is in 2 weeks, I do not plan on getting drunk but I will probably have about 3 drinks and I will skip taking my pills that night. Thank you.
Doc: I should also mention that skipping a dose will most likely intensify your side effects for a few days. This medication needs to remain consistent in your system.
Me: ...
Doc: *smiles*
Me: just give me my damn prescription

I fully understand that you should not consume alcohol and take prescription medication. On the other hand, is it really realistic to think that people taking long term meds are never going to have a cocktail or two? Yeah, I don't think so. I understand that doctors can't "recommend" drinking and taking meds, but I wish they could be a little more specific. Like, if I'm just going to have tinglier hands and a drier mouth for a day or two, no problem. If I'm going to be dizzy and forget people's names then maybe just something REALLY special, like my sister's 21st b-day. If there is like a 50% chance I will foam at the mouth and pee my pants, I'll just skip it. Really, I'm not a closet alcoholic. I'm fine going hours weeks without any alcohol. And I can be places with people who are ordering drinks and still not drink. But I am not one of those sweet patient people, like my lovely boyfriend, who can go hang out with people who are drunk and not have anything to drink myself. Mostly, because tipsy/drunk people are one of my biggest pet peeves... when I'm sober. If I have a little alcohol in my system though then I love em to death.

Anyways, skipping my Saturday dose went fine but I can definitely tell I am having more memory issues today.

The End


AGSoccerMom said...

I don't stop taking my meds if I am gonna have a drink or two. It's not worth the break thru migraines. Keep in mind that one drink might sometimes feel like 2. No doctor is going to give you permission to drink. It's call CYA. Glad the side effects are evening out for you and your getting the actual benefits of the medication.

Steph said...

thanks, and that would have been good medical advise... "enhances the effects of alcohol" haha I won't skip next time either. besides, look at how much I'll save on my bar tab if each drink counts as two:)

Jillian said...

what I am wondering is why you have to up your prescription if the dose right now is working for you...I mean why take chances of going up to the next step if this step is working just fine? I don't get it! Anyway, I would just be careful with the the doc says "they are both downers", and honestly alcohol causes "swelling" the less you drink the skinnier you will be especially with this new workout routine :)

Steph said...

its not working 100%, and it won't keep working at such a low dose since I get such frequent and extreme migraines. 200mg is a low dose for topamax, alot of people are on 250-400 so I guess I'm lucky:)
haha and yeah I definitely don't plan on drinking all the time... pretty much defeats the point of working out and eating healthy. at the same time this is the only time in my life where I am going to be this young and this kid and responsibility free so there is no way I'm going wine tasting and stuff like that and volunteering to be the designated driver... thats Jerad's job :) unless foaming at the mouth ever really does happen...

lucinda said...

about your bigger boobs... if you are doing any kind of chest workouts, they get bigger because the muscle underneath(sp?) is getting bigger. thats one way to fight gravity!