Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big Two Five

This is my one of my best friends, Liz. She just turned 25. For her b-day we did what every red blooded American year old in their right mind does... wine tasting! About 9 pm the night before I realized that I had been so busy I had completely neglected to get her a present. Man I suck at being a friend... Okay, what does she like??? Teal, Purple, butterfly's, and hearts... so time to raid my craft supplies. This is what I came up with:

Using some teal papers and hot glue, I made some fancy paper clips and thumb tacks.

Then purple and teal cards... I just keep coming back to this design because its so easy!

It is pretty apparent that my paper cutter really needs a new blade... I should get on that.
The first winery we went to was Sylvester for their annual wine and chocolate pairing... can you say "yummmmmmmmmm?"

I'd like to take a moment and pause our little photo journey to point out Tyson (the guy making me look really short and looking at the camera):
Anyways, if you remember from this post, he is a huge camera whore and will make funny faces any chance he gets, so look out for those...

This picture is fabulous not just because Tyson and Jerad make an adorable little couple, but because neither one of them really drink... especially wine, but they both swirled and sipped and (I think) had a great time.

After the tasting, we wandered outside to see the 70's fabulous train cars...
there was a sink for Little People Big World
And Sheryl and Caitlin saw Hogwarts out the window!

After that we went to Penman Springs, which is one of my FAVORITE wineries around love love love it! Especially Rosie and all the treats she makes:P Its pretty bad when I walk in and they recognize me now, hmm.....

Then we headed for Tobin James... by this point we were feelin the love, and lovin the wine!

This amused me and Beth to no end:

And this would be where Jerad took my camera, switched it to a mode he doesn't know how to use, and had a little "Blurry Photo Sesh '08." I think some of us thought he was done after the first pic...

Oh Tyson...This is Scott our Tasting Room Attendant. Um, I kind of love him? He was a super sport, talked to us in a french accent, offered to sell us a "love rug," took myspace style photos, and placed random wine bottles in all our pics. Goof ball.
By this time our wine notes were very sophisticated:
Notice the "wowweey"
What is this and why is it in their tasting room?

Um, is it just me, or is Beth hot-sauce??
I thought for these last pics I should hyper extend my elbow then smash my arm against my side to give it that 'fit and trim' look.... ha!

SUCH a fun day!
I heart wine. The end.



You are a girl after my own heart...I love, love, love wine...hubby and I are going to TN this weekend, can't wait to stop at some wineries along the way. Since I have been dieting, I have cut out my wine, except for every other weekend...this is my "every other weekend" Yay for wine! Looks like you guys had a blast.

Steph said...

I compensate for the calories in the wine by just not eating. Its worth it. haha jk, I think of it as a TREAT that I deserve since the only thing I get to drink now a days is water:)Have fun in TN, take pics!

Beth McDermott said...

1. Tyson was SUPER excited for the shout out. Thanks for encouraging that. You rule... NOT.
2. I think in the man pic, Jerad looks like a semi-sophisticated grown man-ish wine-o, and Tyson looks like a little boy sneaking in the wine factory.
3. Hey... you LIED about the back room of the TRAIN?!?!?!?
4. I dont care what anyone says, that statue is funny even when youre NOT drinking...
5. Hot-sauce? Yeppers. Its definitely just you... But I'll take it, anyway. ;)
6. Thanks for taking us along... good times. Its nice to have friends on the 'outside.'
7. Completely unrelated to this blog, do you realize the movie you and Jerad saw on Sunday that you keep refering to over and over again as "Saving Sarah" is actually called "Forgetting Sarah Marshall?"... Just FYI...