Sunday, April 13, 2008

the little one turns 21

Yesterday was also my younger sister Melinda's 21st b-day. So weird! We started th night at Applebee's where we had world's worst waitress. About 10 of her friends were going to meet us but a bunch canceled at the last minute. It ended up being her and Larry, me and Jerad, Sean and Becky, Ryan, and Rebecca.

First drink:Second:
Third and a half:

My mom ended up stopping by at the end of dinner to have a drink with us and Melinda begged her to come to SLO with us and go to a karaoke bar. Ryan tagged along as well. The plan was to do a little karaoke, have some drinks, then Ryan was going to go meet his girl in Morro Bay and Melinda wanted to head back to Paso, drop off my mom, hit Downtown Brew for some drinks and dancing, then finish up at Hoovers Live since they live in Atascadero.

I was pretty much freaking out because since its been years since any of my friends have turned 21, I am not accustomed to all this bar hopping staying up till 2 AM nonsense. Yikes!

When we got to SLO it turned out that Doc's Karaoke bar had closed down and just forgot to update their website. Um, thanks guys. So, now we opted for walking the bars on Higuera. Ryan left and my mom was stuck with us. I'm sure she was stoked to be drug into college town bars on a Saturday night, ha!

We went to Mother's Tavern first and I told the bar tender it was my sisters 21st b-day and I'd like to buy her an "adios." He winked at me and smiled.

Melinda: What's an 'Adios?'
Bartender: *smiles* A drink
Melinda: What do you make it with?
Bartender: Its special...

At which point he grabs a pint glass and 4 bottles of alcohol, fills it nearly to the top, adds a little blue and sprite to it, and she's good to go. If you've never had one, it has vodka, rum, tequila, gin, blue curacao liqueur, and a teeny tiny bit of sweet and sour and 7 up. Now you know why it's called an "adios" (short for adios mother fuc... well, you get it) If they make it right, it doesn't taste like alcohol although its a pint of it. Classic 21 b-day fare.

by this time I had that intense urge to dance that comes on whenever I drink and Jerad was oh so kind as to document.
It was pretty disappointing because I think the worst DJ ever to exist was working that night... there was no good dance music at all... not that that stopped us. I think we stayed for about three hours....

We finally released my mom, who had been a VERY good sport and kept up with all our drinking and dancing...

Then we headed back to Hoover's Live in A-town where there was supposed to be a DJ. Finally some good dance music! Nope, a live band instead. They were decent but there was like NO ONE there... Melinda was okay with it though and decided to stay...

I lost count of the drinks by this point, but the bartender made her something called a stoplight where you take a red, yellow, and then green shot.

Ha, look at her face in the next pic, I don't think she is a fan of shots:
Oh, and some proof that Jerad was in fact with us...
And another...

Oh, in case you thought I was exaggerating when I said no one was there, here is us dancing:

Yeah, nuff said. I think we dropped them off right before 2AM.

Even though all the plans went wrong or changed, I think she had a fun time. And I think I am off the hook on 21st b-days at least till Addy turns 21... at which point I will be 33 and she probably won't even want me there:)

Happy birthday sissy!


Jillian said...

okay so that Adios drink you were talking about...I think I got it on my 21st...and it was Nasty, it looked just like that though...and pretty sure it was the same bar, anyway, Either I don't like those kind of drinks or it was made wrong, sort of tasted like plastic...seriously!

Steph said...

Yeah its one of those that can either be good, or just taste like waaaaay too much alcohol with a splash of sprite on top:) luckily hers came out right:)