Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm stuck at home this morning waiting for Mr. Dish Network to come fix my satellite service which has been messed up for a week. We have the America's Top 250 package and are getting like America's bottom 32 or something... its only picking up one of the satellites. I think the problem is spring is here and the tree in our yard gotten taller and the leaves are blocking the signal. I told the guy who installed it that that would probably happen, but he didn't listen... ANYWAYS, I am watching a Supernanny that is Tivoed and it is

The family that is on this episode has 4 kids. The mom keeps them up till 11 at night so that they sleep in later in the morning.... because she doesn't like getting up at 7 (um, I think most mom's would be pretty happy to get to sleep in till 7). She straps the 2 year old in his highchair (without the tray or anything in... just the little leg straps) whenever he throws a fit and walks away as he screams and tries to throw himself out, and the dad wears ear plug around the house so he doesn't have to hear the kids screaming... the mom says she misses the quiet days before kids, yet all these kids were planned?

Its driving me up the wall. Usually the families on Supernanny are just clueless, or overwhelmed. This family is just LAZY. Its like they are trying to put the smallest possible effort into parenting that they can. Sometimes I wish CPS watched this show and then made random visits...

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