Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Curves Smart

Hey, don't get mad at me that all I write about lately is Curves and Topamax, I'm not making you guys keep reading it:) Okay, after this I will post something completely non-related... I promise:)

The Paso Curves I go to was selected to participate in the new Curves SMART program. It is the only one around here except AG.
I signed up and had my little training sesh yesterday. You get a tag that you swipe over each machine as you go around the circuit. While you are working out, you get flashing lights signaling your progress -- green for 'good job', yellow for 'pick up the pace, lady,' and flashing green for 'ooh, even better than we expected.' At the end of the workout, you swipe the card at a computer and a report of your progress for that workout comes up. It shows the calories burned, how much you worked each muscle group, which groups you need to work harder, and gives you tips for next time. The software sets targets for you and gradually raises them each week. They also change with your fitness levels, if you preform less reps or are "yellow" 3 times in a row, it will lower the standard. It will also raise it if you work harder three times in a row. It also measures your range of motion and tells you if you are over extending or should be extending farther.

It's colorful and graphic and interactive. There is no "cheating" your way through the workout because there are those constant flashing lights reminding you to work harder if you are slacking off. Most people loose 15% more inches. There are pie charts and graphs and a picture of a little cartoon "you" in like the "Extreme Makeover" bra and panties and its image changes based on your weight at your monthly weigh-ins. Oh and speaking of monthly weigh-ins, I had to be re-weighed and measured to start the SMART thing and it was goooood. If I find it I might post it today but that will be that LAST thing I say about Curves today... promise:)


Beth McDermott said...

alright now i want to do it too. maybe i will just swap my membership too. you know how im falling for paso... it could be a perfect excuse to continue our dirty affair... me and paso, that is. not me and you... our love affair is nothing but perfect and pure. ha.

Steph said...

you so should! it might be just the little kick that your workout needs! sign up before April 24th and instead or the normal one time enrollment fee of $50, you pay only $25 (can I be on a commercial?)
do it I miss my workout buddy... and you will soooo notice a difference...