Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crafty Me

Well, obviously I love love love doing crafts. Drawing, painting, decoupage, scrap booking, card making, knitting, jewelry making, baking, and lately sewing... you name it I'll try it. A bunch of people comment to me that it looks fun and they wish they had the time/supplies/creativity/motivation. I think most people just don't know where to start. So, I thought I'd help them along. I'm going to start getting together little craft groups. Fun huh? I haven't figured everything out yet, but I think that I would separate like projects together, like do all handmade cards one month, then sewing the next month... something like that.

As far as the cards go, I think it would work out if we made a harder set the first week, then something simple the second. Whoever wasn't finished with the first set could finish it up on the second week. If people finished both, they could work on a handmade box. At the end of the month everyone would have 4 cute sets of handmade cards and envelopes, and boxes depending how fast they were. If they didn't have time for the boxes, they could just tie them up with cute ribbons. These would make really cute gifts, who doesn't like handmade cards? Here are a few I want to try out... obviously they could be customized:

Then some handmade envelopes (matching of course)
And some cute boxes:

Then how about some cute stuff made with photos?

I am IN LOVE with this Journal. The cover is made from 5x7 photos... then you put white or lined paper inside. Super-cute photo journal! Again, talk about a cute gift! I am sooo making one with a pic of my dogs on the front:)
You know what would would be really cute with a photo journal? Oh, photo pencils! These can be done with any photo also.
Maybe some photo magnets too? These could be really cute with personal photos... or really trendy with things cut out of magazines. The tops are those 1/2 marble things that are always in the bottoms of vases.
I am loving on these fabric covered tacks.
What would you do with them? Why, put them on this board of course:
Have kids? A few cute wall art ideas:

Some simple sewing projects:


Little girl's apron (fits kids up to 10) made from dish towel:
Tissue holder:
Modify your beach towel to be more portable:

Anyways, those are the main projects I am thinking of, but here are some more that are on my to do list that I would be more that happy with as well!!!

No-knit scarf, made by tying wide yarn in knots:
Fabric covered cork board w/ pocket:
Fabric Flower:
De constructed Security Envelopes (like the kind bills come in):
Dog leashes (these are so expensive it would be nice to make some long ones):
Custom padded bubble envelopes:
Lined Envelopes:
Butterfly clips:
Handmade accordion box (I think this would be a really cute gift filled with coordinating scrapbooking papers and notions):
Re-useable grocery bag made from fusing together used plastic bags. There is no way this could be done in a group setting.... the fumes would kill everyone haha. But a fun project to try at home!
Tell me what you think about anything and your favorite projects on here. Also, if you have any other ideas, I am always looking for more crafty goodness!!!


giftex said...

i just love each one of them.... i m surely going to try few of them...
thanks for sharing :)

giftex said...

i just loved each one of them....i will surely try some of them..
thanks for sharing ur talent n ideas...