Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dope-amax 2

The side effects started intensifying yesterday which worries me a bit because I up my dose to 50mg tomorrow, which is currently twice what I am taking.

When I got home yesterday I made the comment to Jerad that our house looked like a craft store had exploded all over it. He said, "yeah it's kind of a mess right now you do have a lot of craft stuff out" at which point I got completely defensive to the point of tears. So, I guess we can add overly emotional to the list. Jerad tried to cheer me up by telling me that he had noticed that my face looked a lot slimmer and then I accused him of thinking I had a chubby face before. Is bitchy a side effect? Or is that just me.... Hmmm. After apologizing for my craziness I went to workout.

When I got to Curves and went to swipe my card, I completely forgot how to do it. I just stood in front of the computer like an idiot and kept looking in my purse but I couldn't remember what I needed. This went on for about a minute before the girl behind the desk asked me if I forgot my card which reminded me what to do. I had such a hard time with the actual workout! I couldn't do as many reps as normal, its like I was stuck in a lower gear. Even though I was working really hard, my heart rate was way lower than in usually is when we stop to check it.

I also had some pretty intense "joint pain" in my knees. The doctor told me this was normal, but mostly for older patients and that I most likely wouldn't experience it. It was so bad that the jogging in place on the recovery stations between machines hurt and I had to do leg lifts or squats instead. Normally I go around "the circuit" twice. After I was halfway around the second time the girl who was working that night was talking to me and I started getting very dizzy. I seriously thought I was going to pass out... I also was only able to do about 1/2 the reps I usually could so I cut my workout short.

After that everything seemed fine. At bedtime I wore socks again but my feet weren't as cold as they have been. Also I didn't have that restless leg nonsense. That's the good news, the bad news is I didn't sleep worth crap. I lied in bed awake for like an hour and a half. Then all through the night I would realize that I was not asleep. I was just laying in bed kind of day dreaming if that makes any sense. I was still able to get up at 6 and I didn't feel sleepy or anything so thats okay. I really hope that I go back to sleeping soundly. That has been so nice.

At least I haven't regressed to the constant time checking that I normally do.... where I wake up every few hours and insist on seeing what time it is and figuring out exactly how many hours of sleep I can still get if I fall back of sleep (which of course never happens). And so far I am still waking up feeling like I've had a good night's sleep!

So far today just a tad more spacey and more of the frozen hands and numb face. Also my lips are chapped and face is dry which I don't see how is possible with the mad amount of water I have been drinking. Whenever I totally blank when someone at work is talking to me I explain to them that I am on a new migraine med that causes memory problem and they laugh at me and say "welcome to my world" because everyone here is so much older and thinks that they are experiencing memory loss on a regular basis, soo.... at least everyone is sympathetic. Gotta go, the plastic taste is back. I need to start buying gum in bulk or something, this is getting ridiculous...


Jillian said...

I totally do the wake up check the time and see how much more sleep I can get...then if it takes me a moment to calculate I think to myself how much time I just wasted that I could have been sleeping...thus wasting more time!ARGH!

Steph said...

haha YES its sooo annoying!!! first I'll be like, "okay, it's 1:00, I get 5 more hours..." then I'll be like, "well, really it will take me at least 30 minutes to fall asleep so only 4.5 more hours..."

OR, I'll wake up Jerad and ask HIM what time it is. He just looks at the phone and tells me in his sleep now. Lucky heavy sleeper.