Saturday, April 5, 2008

Engagement Invites

I was so happy with these that I had to post a blog about it! Remember the Engagement Party I have been planning for my friend Tina? Well I have been looking EVERYWHERE for invitations with no luck; Walmart, Target, Kmart, Michael's, Staples, Office Max, Paper Outlet, World Market, and another random paper store. Then I thought "DUH," I have sooo much scrapbooking stuff I'll bet I could make them myself! This is how they ended up, I looooove them!

Addy is spending the night this weekend so she helped me (Jerad did the printing). I had all the supplies, so really they didn't cost my anything, but they were part of a huge scrapbooking bundle that I got for 75% off so technically it probably cost me about $2.oo for everything. Nice huh?


Sarah Griffin said...

Wow Steph! You are extremely talented, those are AMAZING... you could go into business. So much cuter than anything you could have found at target, walmart, etc.
You're a natural Party planning Pro! I'll have to hire you when my sis gets engaged or something lol.

Beth McDermott said...


Steph said...

Thank you Sarah!

And Beth, I was just getting warmed up, just wait till you see the baby shower invites. clearly they are way better cause hello, PINK.

.heidi.noelle. said...

You are SO good, but then there is a part of me that totally rings in with Beth :D