Saturday, April 5, 2008

Last weekend

Here are the pictures from my spring "break" (haha) weekend. Gas was a bit expensive in King City!
Here are a few pictures I snapped driving into San Fransisco:

I didn't take any pics of Tina or her adorable apartment because I forgot my camera in the car and didn't think of it till I was leaving.

Here we are with Erik, Sara, Beth, Jen, and Sam playing a game where you draw cards and try to figure out who is "mafia" and who are townspeople. I am not going to try to explain it but it was very entertaining especially after a few glasses of wine!

The next day I took Sara, Beth, Jen, and Sam wine tasting. Sam and Beth weren't 21 yet so they couldn't taste, but they had fun walking around in the California sunshine.

First we went to Robert Hall:

After that we went to Tobin James which is ALWAYS a blast!

Then we went to Penman springs where we had great wine, great cheese, great bread, and took no pics.

After that was Clautiere which is like the circus of our local wineries between their mirror house, brightly colored tasting room, and wigs. Love love it!
Sam is soo 80's fabulous...

Then on to the mirror house! It might have been slightly more amusing since we had been to 4 wineries...

After that it was nap time. Just be forewarned, if you stay at our house and take a nap and the pets are involved, Jerad WILL take pictures of it. Yeah, he's a creep too:)


piper of love said...

Looks like an amazingly fun weekend!! Great shots!

ps. love your shabby chic bedding :)

Beth McDermott said...

wow... looks like youre super bored with life. ;)
you have a really good eye for artistic angles in photography. guess you can add it to the list of things youre fabulous at! good thing weve been spending so much time together, i hope some of it will rub off on me!

Steph said...

thanks Piper!

and thanks Beth, I took like 4 years of photography in highschool but it was more developing techniques than taking the photos. all I really do is turn off the flash and turn the camera goofy angles and try not to center whatev I'm taking a pic of. thats about all I know;)