Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This gravy-train has sailed!

Or however the F that saying goes.

I've mentioned a few times that out of the goodness of my heart I've been driving Jerad to and from work as of late. My car gets better gas mileage, is more comfortable, we get to visit.... he is on time for a change. There are a million pros. For him.

For me, it means that I have to be awake even earlier, and am consistently 5 minutes late from work because instead of coming from the house to my job (3.3 miles), I go from home to his work (3.6 miles through weird roads) and then from there to my work (6.3 miles). Nothing crazy, just a little longer. The whole trip takes about 30 minutes. As opposed to the 5 I was used to. Again, not a big deal.... I used to commute over an hour. Barefoot. Up hill in the snow both ways...


Enter, yesterday.....


Jerad was running late again. I told him that if I was going to keep taking him to work then he needed to get up and start getting ready while I was in the shower because his lollygagging makes me late everyday and it was annoying. No one at my work cares. We don't even punch in and out. Heck, we don't even write what time we get in, just the number of hours we worked that day. My company is realllly lax. No one is on time. We start at 7, it's 8:50 right now, and people are still showing up.

The punctual people are the other two girls in my department so I hate hate hate being late. Once in awhile is fine. Since I started driving Jerad, its a consistent 5 minutes every day.

Anyways, that is how we start our day. He promises to try harder (he is chronically late EVERYWHERE). I drop him off around 6:50am, speed like a mofo and make great time to my job arriving only 2 minutes late.

Blah blah blah, boring boring boring, 5:30 rolls around. I had forgotten my cell phone, but he had never called me at work telling me he was getting off late, which is a common occurrence, so I headed on over. Usually he is waiting right outside.

Not this time. So I waited as all the cars cleared out of the parking lot (everyone is off by 5 there remember).... and waited.... and waited.... and I don't have my phone to call...

40 minutes I waited.

Finally I decide to drive home and get my phone and call him and see wtf is going on.

I pull into the driveway and he is home. "He got a ride." Isn't that nice? He decided to get a ride, texted me at 5:15, and when I didn't respond didn't think it was a good idea to call me at work too...

THEN let me sit at his work for FORTY FUCKING MINUTES instead of, you know, driving his ass out there and being like "surprise! come home!" Cause goodness forbid he inconvenience himself a little bit too.

Actually, he didn't even think of that. And I wasn't that mad. More annoyed. And he did feel really bad. He tried to call my cell phone a million times but it was inside the house. Locked inside the house. He didn't have his house key and had to break in... which was surprisingly easy. We finally start locking the house and apparently there is no point, so now we need to install a deadbolt on the one door that doesn't have one. Geeze.

Needles to say, I let him haul himself to work today and I think he was about 15 minutes late. Except his shift doesn't actually start until 8 so technically 45 min early, but pretty much 15 minutes late.

I think he'll remember to call next time.



Anonymous said...

and what does a sailing gravy train look like?

Beth McDermott said...

oooo u have an anonymous lover! im jealous on a number of levels.
duuude, jerad!

liz oelker said...

I think the best part of the posting was your final sign off "ass"- about sums it all up. :)