Sunday, September 7, 2008

A sigh of relief...

Every room is just about finished now.

The laundry room we went for a country yellow and blue theme:

The new hot water heater and cabinet Jerad made:

We installed beadboard on all of the walls. This is looking into the guest room, and then the guest bath on the far right:

And (drumroll) after months and MONTHS the guest bath is all but finished. We just have the shower left to do which is hidden by a curtain for now:

Jerad built shelves into the wall above the toilet for extra storage since the bathroom is so small:

The trim on the shelves:

Beadboard toilet seat and trashcan (are you sensing a theme here?:

Guestroom. The lighting in the pics made the paint look lime, but it is the same color as the bathroom:

I went with a pink shabby chic theme. The plates on the wall (and above the bed) and frames on the dresser are antiques, as are the pitcher and wash bowl set by the bed, and mirror. This is probably my favorite room in the house. All of the plates, bedding and curtains have green in them that the new wall color brings out.

Office/music room. John Deere theme:

There are 2 more pictures I forgot to post. There are a total of 4 guitars hanging on the wall and one giant stand up bass.

Living room:

The colors are black/white and reds and the theme is Europe and Stars:


I carried over the same curtains and also used stars as the theme (I love me some stars!) and a splash of Eiffel Tower:

Right off of the kitchen is a little "mud room" that has a door leading outside, and also a door leading down to the basement:

The open doorway is looking into our bedroom and through that is the laundry room. Right to the right of our room is the hall bathroom, and if you turned left instead down a short hall is the office straight ahead and guest room to the right.

My favorite mirror in the world. Antique pitcher/wash bowl left to me by my grandma. Our room on the right, guestroom on the left.
Standing in the guestroom looking down the hall, office on the right:

Hall bathroom, purple and lavender theme:

I didn't take any pics of our room since we are repainting it in the next few weeks (and the hall bathroom actually) but here are a few pictures I took a couple of months ago; sorry they are really dark:

This is the bedding but it is white and black:

This is what this half of our tiny room looks like (view looking in from the laundry room):

Except with these pictures above the bed now:

The sign above the laundry hamper says "live, laugh, love"

And view looking in from the hallway:

So, thats that. Its been 2 years this October of rearranging, new lighting, electrical work, plumbing problems, painting, new appliances, re-doing the front yard, then an entire over-haul of the laundry room and bathroom and back and side yards. The back bathroom and laundry room got all new flooring and sub flooring, walls, drywall, electrical, a new ceiling in the bathroom, plumbing, hot water heater, layout. Everything is new. We also completely re built 157 ft of fencing on one side of our lot this last month, and another 50 ft on the other side a few months ago. We've torn out old ugly planters. We've brought in 3 cu. yards of river rocks, 6 cu. yards of top soil, and a total 0f 1128 sq ft of sod. Installed all new sprinklers in the back, new sprinklers in half of the front, and built an 8 ft gate.

Are we done now?

Not quite, but I hope soon.

Here are a few pictures from soon after we moved in so you can compare how things have evolved.


Our room:

Living room:

Guest bathroom. You can't quite understand from these pictures quite how small it was. Also, it wasn't as neon as this makes it look :)

Notice the size of the sink compared to the hand soap, and the tiny spot that it was crammed into:
Kitchen (it was Christmas when this was taken). All white appliances:

So, sorry to regale you with so many photos but like I said this has been non stop for about 2 years and then insane since about February when we started on the front yard. I am so glad we can sit back and relax now!


Kim said...

AH very nice I see that he Ifel tower book ends do not have so many books between them, where did they all go?. It looks very nice and comfy. It's probably much nicer for Jerad to use the new improved bathroom?? (ha ha). The rooms look so much larger, I can't believe its been 2 years, I guess I should stop complaining about our 15 months, but then again we are still building. Did you get your stars and decors at that warehouse on Linne? cute stuff. You guys have done a very nice job!

selloutpopstar said...

INSANE. Go you for photo-documentation! I know how much blood sweat and tears that kind of production is... maybe not first hand, but on a smaller level... you tell Jerad (or I will) that if he can handle all the stress a remodel or 6 puts on a relationship, its definitely meant to last.
I had fun Sat night. Maybe too much.

Steph said...

Thanks Tyson... or I'm guessing Beth that forgot to log out Tyson? cause I didn't know I had made it up to "xo" status. If so, score! And I'm still feelin it from Saturday night. I took a pic of all the empty bottles, I'll post that tonight haha

The Bitchy Wife said...

WOW, you are so insane with all of the photos! But I can understand why. You must be so proud! It is just beautiful. Good job guys!