Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jafra Orange

You love to use your mind. Your ability to analyze problems and situations is exceptional. You never really know just how good or talented due to your yearning for perfection. Many of you cover your sensitivity with facts and a composed outer exterior. You actually have a very sensitive spirit that needs to be nurtured and recognized. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Jafra Orange helps you live life more freely by integrating your intellect with your emotions and your passion with self control.


there you go then! Actually that kind of does sound like me. "Yearning for perfection." Check! "Composed outer exterior...very sensitive spirit" er, check! This one was made evident last night as I was talking to Jerad about something and explaining how I could care less, then randomly broke down in tears. Oops, somtimes I forget the composed part I guess. Maybe instead of painting our room periwinkle, I need to go with Jafra Orange!

Try your birthday and see what color you are!

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The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh whatever. I am "Cayenne."
"YOU have a talent for sales, communication and writing. You are creative and dynamic and want to express your ideas and aspirations. Travel and publishing are two areas that can offer you growth and good fortune. Be sure to take some time out to replenish your energies. Your personal color helps you relax. It balances your nervous system so that you know when to interact with others and when to retreat and rejuvenate. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Geranium helps to focus your intensity out into the world in a creative and healthy manner."

Hmm, well the funny thing is that my two ideal jobs would to work for the travel channel and go to all kinds of exotic places and film a little show about it or to be a publisher. But other than that...