Wednesday, September 17, 2008


On Wednesdays I take an hour lunch break so that I can deposit my paycheck and run other errands. I was talking to Jerad on the phone and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Jerad: Randy Travis has a concert at Chumash the day before my b-day.

Me: Oh?

Jerad: We should go...

Me: Well... I have that doctor's appointment I'd have to cancel and reschedule and it would kind of mess up our Yosemite trip...

Jerad: It would totally be worth it.

Me: Doesn't he sing that song you always play and sing me?

Jerad: Yes and that other song too.

Me: Ha! and you should totally propose during the song!

Jerad: Cause that would be romantic: 'where did you get engaged?' 'oh, at a casino.'

Me: Obviously I'm kidding. I meant cause you always play me that song and stuff. Anyways... I'd be pissed if I told you you should propose somewhere then you did.

Jerad: Actually that would be nice. I'll bet my parents would like to come. My mom loves Randy Travis, and they could witness the whole thing.

Me: Ya that would be fun! Well, if I do end up having to take another day off of work to go to the doctor and re-work our camping prep and stuff then you better make the trip fun for me!

Jerad: That's what I'm saying.

Me: ???

Jerad: Well, if I'm taking a 30 minute lunch then I should go, or if you want I could take an hour and we can keep talking?

Me: Nah, you should probably go so you can have some extra cash for that ring you'll be buying.

Jerad: Thats what I was thinking. Should I have him sign it?

Me: I was thinking we could just engrave it "R. Travis '08"

Jerad: I'm on it.


I'd just like to say that after that odd little convo if he actually did propose there... I would probably pretend like I didn't hear it. Which would work in a loud concert setting. Ha! Well, also I think we have discussed many times that highly public proposals are not my thing. Its sweet when its for other people, but not so much me. Then again, we could gamble the ring and hopefully make enough to pay for the wedding? jk


The Bitchy Wife said...

Jerad absolutely cracks me up. He just has the best sense of humor! It's hard though because half the time I can't tell if he's serious or if he's kidding.

Umm, I'd probably take a Randy Travis proposal from Jerad as a plus. Just think that instead, he could take that moment in front of his parents to announce that he couldn't see you anymore because you turned him gay or something...

I'm just saying that would be worse than getting proposed to at a casino. And you would never have to say it was at a casino. You could totally mush and gush and be all like:

"OMG, it was SO romantic! We were at a Randy Travis concert...he's the one who sings that song that Jerad always sings to me...and while Randy was singing the song, and Jerad was looking at me and singing the words to me, he got down on one knee and proposed! It was the most romantic thing EVER!"

I mean I would totally spin it that way instead of:

"Oh my freakin' heck, Jerad proposed to me at a concert at a CASINO. And then a drunk fat chick almost killed him on accident when he got on one knee and she drunklenly fell onto him and was suffocating him with her butt."

I'm just sayin'...

Steph said...

yeah sometimes I have trouble telling when he is kidding too. because he sounds 100% serious.

I just have to assume joking. just like I did with the 20 marriage bashing comments that rolled out of his mouth this weekend when we were hanging out with Beth and Tyson:)

I've tried to explain NUMEROUS times that a happy medium would just be not joking about proposing OR making jokes about how horrible marriage would be... maybe some day it will sink in? im not holding my breath:)

suffocating him with her butt? haha not sure how you made that mental connection.

The Bitchy Wife said...

Well, you know, it was just the image that came to mind. Us sophisticated paralegal types have really classy mental images like that..

Beth McDermott said...

um... how many times do i have to TELL you?!?!?!? you just put your ultimate nightmare proposal out into the universe. Your wish is the universe's command. Dumbass, Oprah would be ashamed of you.