Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Updates for those not following along...

You know how you will be watching a show all season, then all of a sudden they have a "recap" show that interrupts the flow, and you are like "wtf, I don't need a recap, I have seen every episode?!?"

Well, this post is like that except maybe helpful if you have missed a a few posts (um, not like I post 3 blogs a day or something), or if I haven't told you in person. Alrighty here we go!!!

Jerad's Job Situation-

July 8th "A Little Note From Jerad," July 9th "Drama Drama," and July 10th "Un-resigning...sort of"

They ended up increasing his pay enough so that he is making more than anyone else in the department, a title change/promotion, and being really flex with his house. He can work as much overtime as he wants/needs and thats great at his new pay rate. He can also take off any time he needs for classes. He has been doing a lot of welding jobs for them on the weekends, and right now they are working out a deal with him where instead of getting paid his time and a half, they will just cut him a check as if he were a contractor. So, instead of working a few hours and getting a few hundred dollars, it will be over a thousand each time because welders make BANK on the type of work he does for them. He's pretty excited.

Get fit '08-

July 28th "We're calling it the Reverse Diet"

I took a little break for finishing up the house, but otherwise I've been hitting the gym about 5-6 times a week for 1-2 hours a day. I'm down to 117 and a size... ready.... a size 4 and STOKED!!!! I still have work to do and want to firm up more but I'm so happy. I'm only 5'2" so a size 4 is pretty proportional. The "healthy"BMI range for my height is 98-130. At 130 I look too heavy, and at 98 I'm sure I would look emaciated. I'm hoping for about 110.

Jerad being all Amazing-

August 6th "Ode to Mr. Nice Guy"

Still going on. Loving it. After over 2 and a half years we have finally gotten into a rhythm where he is keeping the house clean and consistently being more of a help than a hindrance in that area. We have had this really nice trade off of one of us making dinner one night and the other cleaning the kitchen, then vice versa the next night lately. Last night he went on a 45 minute quest to find me chocolate soy ice cream (apparently Paso Robles...the entire city... was out). Also us having the office/music room finished has been sooooo nice so he can have some alone time playing guitar or recording and I can read or watch shows that I like and he doesn't so much. Anyways, for the most part the last couple of months have been really extra nice.

MIL Drama-

September 9th "To Blog or not to Blog"

Guess who reads my blog? My exes girlfriend. So, I got an email from my mother in law, which didn't surprise me I just didn't think it would be that same night! Sheesh. Anyways. It was a really long, and sweet breakup letter that is way too hard to explain without posting which I won't do. If this is what makes everyone's lives happiest then good! My whole point was what kind of person would ask someone to do that? Maybe I just don't understand because I'm not like that? Who knows. Anyways, sorry for sounding like such a bitch in that post I suppose.

Edit: Well, that might have been the lamest apology ever. Honestly, I really am sorry and not that this is right, but if I thought that someone I was talking about was going to read something I was writing... I would obviously have changed the tone a bit. Er, a lot. Also, this will only make sense to one person maybe, but I have no idea what the "intercepting email" reference was referring to. Okay, thats that.


September 10th "Finished (ish) Backyard"

Well, it turns out its a good thing I didn't waste hours of my life staining and trying to beautify that ugly old fence, because we are going to replace it with a new, non sagging, fence. So sweet... we wont have 3 different styles of fences in our backyard, just 2! Maybe I can stain the boards BEFORE they are put up which would be easier on me and make the cracks look better? Hmmm. Other than that, we have been LOVING the backyard. We play fetch out there with the dogs every day and just sit in our patio furniture and eat out there any chance we get. Bummer its getting dark so much earlier:(

Okay, we now resume our regularly scheduled programing.


The Bitchy Wife said...

I think you should re-title this post "Updated for those who HAVEN'T been following along..."

I'm just sayin'.

Also, this is TOTALLY off-topic, but when you had all us young folks over for your birthday and you and Beth and Tyson were making fun of Dom for being such a blog hater, you then starting talking about this apparently really funny thing on the internet..I can't remember what exactly because maybe I was drunk. Do you have ANY idea what I am talking about?

Steph said...

haha I forgot to add the "not" in the title. I fixed it:)

and I have NO idea what you are talking about... you are going to have to be more specific than "funny thing on the internet."

The Bitchy Wife said...

Haha well I will try. You guys were talking about some web post or website or web blog or something, and you each had a favorite "one" for this same site. I think someone's favorite had to do with Disney World...

I'm trying here but I don't have much to work with..but even JERAD knew about this thing..

Steph said...

yeah, I have NO idea. Was it Stuff White People Like?


Maybe you made it up. Or Beth will see this and have some clue what you are talking about.

The Bitchy Wife said...

Hmm, no, I'm all about Stuff White People Like... I don't care who you are, it's funny.

BETH, PLEASE HELP US!! I can't sleep at night knowing there is something ridiculously funny on the internet that I am missing out on..

BTW: You know what I was just thinking about?

And Dom said, "That cracks my shit up."

Steph said...

I called Jerad. He also thinks you're crazy and only remembers us talking about the "Shoes" and "Cupcakes" Youtube videos. And def not disneyworld. Pretty much that would be the only thing Jerad knows about on the internet is a few youtube movies and Stuff White People Like, cause otherwise he never looks at anything. Ever.

Jules said...

after everything you and jared have been through i am so glad everything is working out so well. you are such an amazing couple!

if i were you id have been pissed at the whole mil situation also. sorry how that worked out hon.

your house and backyard already look amazing, stop finding things to improve.

your sis is a hoot.

Beth McDermott said...

DUH, you stupid drunks, the hilariousness we were refering to was Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy:


Steph said...

oh well we were talking about SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE... not the internet.

who's the stupid drunk now, eh?

The Bitchy Wife said...

OMG Beth I love you..you are a lifesaver! That is TOTALLY it! And here I thought I was doomed to forever wonder what I was missing out on.

I remember now, and we were talking about Deep Thoughts when it was on Saturday Night Live. And then Jerad was saying that someone else did Deep Thoughts on SNL.

But lets face it, we were all pretty trashed...except for Jerad. He has no excuse for not remembering :)