Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm older than I thought...

This weekend we were in Morro Bay with some friends and family and were talking about something or another and I turned to Jerad and said:

"I can't believe its already been a month since my birthday!" It was August 30th, and then as an after thought, "I turned 24 right? Or was it 23?"

He looked at me, rolled his eyes, and told me without a hint of doubt in his voice that I had just turned 23. I thought that didn't seem right, but we've known each other for 11 years and he has celebrated just about every birthday with me since I was 16. Also, I tend to get confused about these things. I always start rounding up a few months ahead, so by the time the actual birthday rolls around I think that I'm actually turning a year older than I am. The same goes for my friends ages. This year I was convinced that Jerad was going to be 27. Oops.

Today I started thinking about it again and counted it out on my fingers (you know, cause I'm all smart like that). Yeah, 1984-2008 means that I'm 24. Not 23. I decided to text message my boyfriend of almost 3 years, friend of 11 years that obviously knows me so well:


me: didnt you say i just turned 23...cause i just figured it out and im 24...dumbass

(apparently im very endearing in my texts)

Jerad: shut it.

(well, at least its a two-way street!)

me: i KNEW i was right! i cant believe you dont know how old i am!

Jerad: i do now.

me: im mad.

Jerad: love you


Maybe I was right and he is going to be 27! Except no matter how I do the math, I can't make him being born on 10-17-82 turn into him turning 27 this year. Damn.


The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh man, I sure hate to say it, but I've known you 21.5 years, and I would have sworn you turned 23...


Now I probably won't get as good of a Christmas gift, huh?

Steph said...

heh thats okay like I said, I'm horrid at birthdays. Besides remembering ages, I can never remember the days that people's birthdays are on. For some reason I always think they are on the 27th. Hmm

A'Dell said...

OMG - I do that all the time. I can never remember how old I am and I am constantly thinking I'm a year younger.

Then when I remember that's not true it's like this sad mini-moment of insta-aging.