Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finished (ish) Backyard

Thanks again Noah and Lucinda or we would probably still be working on it:)

I still have one more fence to stain, but here you go:

There is still more work to do in the dog area too, but its a good start:

The window above the love seat is the window across from the foot of our bed, and the door is the door to the laundry room:

My sun-starved tomatoes:

Ahhhh. Almost every night we sit out on the swing now or eat dinner outside. I LOVE it!


Beth McDermott said...

...and it looks even BETTER in real life. nicely done, guys!

lucinda! said...

yay the swing got finished too! the yard looks so good! poor tomatoes. their season is almost up though, right?

.heidi.noelle. said...

I haven't commented in ages and I am sorry for that, but I wanted to say that the backyard looks amazing!!! :D Good work!