Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Reason I'm Ignoring you is...

... I'm phoneless. That's right, broke it. And by "broke it," I mean I washed it in the washing machine. Dumb right? Ya. I still can't believe it.

First, I accidentally left my phone on silent most of the weekend... so I just figured I had forgotten it at work. Then I came across it and somehow managed to ruin it about 3 hours later. In my defense... never mind, there really is no defense haha.

The worst part is, its only been a few months since I got my phone... and it was expensive. Whatever. Jerad was ready for an upgrade and gave it to me. Well, I took and and let him know and told him when he wanted a new phone I would just buy it and he was happy with that since its been annoying not being able to get a hold of me except calling me at work. Usually we text on and off all day.

So, RIP pink Venus

and hellooooo maroon env2!!!

I hope you get here SOON!

The other two phones I almost got (and both are available in pink :) were the Blackberry Pearl which would be $29:
and Blackberry Curve which would be $49 (same as the env2):

but then I thought I don't really need the internet on my phone after being stuck on it 10 hours a day at work AND having it at home right?

As soon as I got my last phone I knew I didn't like it and should return it but I was pretty enamored with the color and the touch screen so I kept it. This time for sure I'll take it back if I don't like it, so ANY recommendations would be great! Hopefully I can hold on to this one for awhile:)

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