Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mah big Two-Four

August 30th I turned 24. Yikes, it seems like just last year... I was 23... or something. I dunno. Anyways, for the weekend we headed up north. Saturday we went to Monterey to go Whale Watching.

It was PERFECT because that day they had seen more whales and dolphins than any other day that week. Even Killer Whales!!!! I was sooo excited!

Then 5 minutes before boarding, they canceled due to high winds. Bitches.

We drove to San Jose, had a nice dinner, and stayed the night there.

Well, we pretty much stayed in the hot tub most of the night...

At about 10:30pm I made the comment that it was kind of sad I wasn't going to have any cake or singing for my birthday, at which point Jerad got in the car, found a store, and brought back a cake, candles, and ice cream.

Then he lit the candles which made me freak out about a fire alarm going off.

The next morning we drove up to Sacramento and through a little town called Elverta out to the middle of nowhere to see Country In The Park.

The drive:

The line once we got to the park in the middle of nowhere:

National anthem:

Heidi Newfield (sings "Johnny and June" and "Pour Me"):

Carolina Rain:

John Michael Montgomery:

Jason Aldean:

Birthday girl:

The next weekend we had a few friends over... we ended up 17 people short cause someone, I'm not naming Jerad's name, forgot to invite people until 4 days before. But it was actually a good thing cause there was more beer to go around that way!

Evidence the next day that a good time was had by all:

(and those are just the ones that were left out)


lucinda! said...

looks like you had a great birthday!! i hope that you got everything that you wished for!

The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh, it was so nice to see pictures of your little "up north" trip! You and Jerad look so cute together. I think it was fantastic for you guys to take little weekend away together after all of hard work you guys have been doing.

Also, YES, a good time was had by all at your little shindig. I mean, no one comes up with the word "vagonent" (yes my friends, a conjunction of "vagina moment")unless they are having a really good time :) Dom, you are my hero.