Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dancity Dance Dance Dance

Last night Jerad and I went to some Western Dance Classes in Templeton. We brought my sister and Larry... and apparently almost gave her a heart attack which you can read about here. If you are looking for something fun to do:


Get ready to swing and line dance! Templeton Recreation will be offering two Western Dance Classes. Line Dance Classes (no partner required) are held Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. followed by a Western Swing Partner’s Class at 8 p.m.

The classes are held at the Templeton Community Center at 601 South Main St., Templeton. Students register at the class; registration is ongoing. Cost: $5.00 per class. For more information call Templeton Recreation at 434-4900/4909.


Anyways, it was really fun. There are a bunch of different dances they teach you over the next few months. I was pretty much a pro, like the best in the class. Totally kidding! One of the line dances was really hard (for me)... and we will definitely be working on one of the couples dances as well. Luckily they ended with two-step which we have done before... even though it was a little different. Still, $5/person for 2 hours of lessons is awesome!!!

I know a few of the girls in the class and they have only been doing it a few years, so I am HOPING I will look as good as them by then! Or at least be able to fake my way through:)

Jerad and I have taken beginner and Intermediate Salsa lessons, East Coast Swing, a little bit of Two-Step, and Waltz. So if we could add some Western Dances to our already MAD natural talent (har har) we should be good to go yeah? At least our house now has wood floors to practice!


The Bitchy Wife said...

But seriously though, both you and Jerad did really good!

HEHEHEHE you're gonna kill me for writing this....

I have to say that a really funny thing during our dance lesson was when we were all line dancing, and you were behind me, and I would hear you occasionally clap at the wrong time. And I thought, "wow, that must have been really embarrassing!" I was thus busy laughing my ass off silently (to distract myself from my own pathetic dancing) when I must have distracted myself too much because then I started clapping at the same wrong time you had been clapping at. And then it kept.on.happening. Oh well, I guess I gave myself that karma :)

Steph said...

haha SHUT UP!

at first I was like "oh, this is so nice, you don't have to do anything w/ your hands! oh wha? clap? okay..." but I could not get that right. so I gave up. once I get the rest of it all down I'll try to reintroduce when to clap.

i miss salsa, I FINALLY got good at that! hopefully that happens someday w/ this too?

The Bitchy Wife said...

Well, I mean some day ordinary people like you might get good at it...wait, what the crap am I saying? You already looked great! But anyways, then there will be some idiots like me stomping and clapping at the wrong time and getting the pitied looks and whispers like, "Aww, she can't help it. She's just 'slow'..."


becky said...

Well,we'll do cha-cha,two-step,lots of aggie swing,and some East-coast swing. I'm not familiar with Salsa, but chances are that with all the ground we cover,we'll hit on some sooner or later:). So glad to see y'all!