Monday, September 22, 2008

Slightly Obsessed

Of course. The Twilight books.

When I worked at Borders, Publishers always sent us Advanced Reading Copies of books before they were published. That way we could read them and be able to talk them up to customers. I happened to pick up Stephenie Meyer's Twilight before it was published in October of '05. I remember reading and loving it and then not really thinking about it again.

Well, lately since the movie is coming out (and sure to ruin everything as usual) everyone has been all into reading the books again and its all I hear about. So, as we were headed off to Jerad's softball game last Thursday night, I decided to grab my old copy of Twilight out of the basement to refresh my memory. His game was at 7:45 and I brought Buddy with me so I didn't figure I'd get much reading done.... HA! I was finished with the 498 pages by 10 AM the next morning, and it would have been sooner if I didn't have to sleep, and picked up New Moon. I was done with all 563 pages of that by that evening and the next morning went in search of Eclipse.

Have I ever mentioned how much living in the north county sucks? Yeah, we don't have a real book store. I checked Walmart, Target, Longs Drugs, Rite Aid, GROCERY STORES. Everyone was sold out! Oooh ooh I know, I'll look at the library! Is it too new? Its so popular, they must have it right? They actually did. You had to pay $2 to check it out, and could only keep it for 5 days or something like that... weird. But of course, someone else had

So, I did the next best thing; bought book 4, Breaking Dawn, and read that instead. I got it around noon, and finished 776 pages by bedtime. My sister is going to have her hubby pick up book 3 in SLO after work today and I hope he delivers or I will have to drive down and find it myself tonight.

3 books in basically 2 days. I'd say I liked them. It could have been faster if Jerad didn't care if I, you know, talked to him and stuff:) Reading makes me miss working at a bookstore. I am so passionate about it. I miss working with people that care about reading. I miss knowing about the new books, and being able to talk to customers about books I like and why I think they will enjoy them. I miss going in the break room and it being silent because all the employees are engrossed in their various books. Then again, I like getting a decent paycheck... and working normal hours. I guess you can't have EVERYTHING:)

Even though I am always disappointed by the film rendition of a novel, I am still curious to see how the characters are portrayed... and I don't have too long to wait!

Meyer's is also working on another book in the series, Midnight Sun. At least there is that to look forward to!!! There isn't an announced publication date, but the others have all been about a year apart, so probably somewhere between August and October of '09? If you are a fan and left in the lurch like I am, you can read the first unedited chapter on her website here if you are interested.

If you are not a fan, I suggest you pick up a copy of Twilight and become one. Everyone I know who has started reading them has become hooked. I loaned my sister a copy on Friday, and she asked my for the next book on Saturday. Just do it...

Edit: You can read that 1st chapter of the Midnight Sun book even if you have only read Twilight. Its just a flashback told through another character's point of view. Another yummy yummy character.

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Beth McDermott said...

JUST what I NEED, something else to be OBSESSED WITH!
um, can I borrow the first book when its made its rounds? pretty please?
maybe ill give up the gym for TWILIGHT. i guess being fat is a small price to pay when you can live vicariously thru HOT VAMPIRES....
miss ya.