Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pushing Daisies

OKay, do you watch this show? OMG. I didn't get on the bandwagon last season even though everyone was talking about it. But this last week we've been watching the episodes online and my goodness it is adorable!

How cute are Ned and Charlotte???

I just think they did a great job casting. The whole show is the perfect mix of romantic and comedy.

Plus, who doesn't mind staring at this treat for an hour? Lee Pace... even his name is hot sauce.

Speaking of dead (since thats what the show is all about and all), I was JUST talking to someone who is thinking about getting a puppy and has been worrying about the chewing issue. I was sharing different tips and mentioned that both of our pups never were really chewers.

Well, last night we were laying in bed watching Pushing Daisies on my laptop, and the dogs were on the floor chewing their bones. So I thought. No no no, Bailey was eating the upholstery attachment for the vacuum. She took it out of the laundry room, quietly took it into the bedroom, and quietly ripped out all of the bristles and demolished the plastic. I didn't think anything of the chewing sounds because I thought they were eating chew toys. OK..... so Jerad threw it away and in the time he was gone she chewed up my brand new mascara tube that was sitting by the bed!

WTF Bailey, wtf?

I guess this is our punishment for cutting fetch short yesterday.


lucinda! said...

i am SO SO SO excited about the new season. only a few more weeks. bummer about the dogs. the same kind of thing happens to me when i say never. as soon as the word comes out of my mouth it happens.

The Bitchy Wife said...

Haha that sucks! So far my dog has chewed up AN ENTIRE LARGE TIKI TORCH and the new big flower I bought so he couldn't dig them up. But then after he CHEWED up the flowers he then dug them up. Agh!

Anyways, I haven't ever watched the show but it sounds so cute I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

This is a truly great show and I hope more people catch on to it. You can go to
to get a wrap up from last season. Go, watch and help this show stick around!