Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My boyfriend grew up under a rock

Conversation I just had with Jerad:

*phone rings*

Me: hello?

Jerad: What is that song called that keeps saying "You can't always get what you want?"

Me: Wow.

Jerad: Have you heard it?

Me: Haha ya. Um, its "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Jerad: But what is it called?

Me: That is what its called.

Jerad: Who sings it? Claude thinks its the Rolling Stones.

*Claude moved here from France not too long ago so Jerad automatically thinks he is wrong about everything.

Me: Yup, def Rolling Stones.


3 minutes later.

*phone rings*

Me: Hello

Jerad: Hey...

Me: I'm at work, I'm BUSY.

*Julie and I were looking up that SNL sketch about the lower back tatoo remover.

Jerad: Sorry its important.

Me: K what?

Jerad: Have you ever heard of anything called "red currants?"

Me: Yes.

Jerad: Really?

Me: Um, I put them in our salads all the time.

Jerad: Huh. Claude asked me if I had ever had them and I said I had never heard of them. What are they called.

Me: ??? Currants ???

Jerad: I just figured he was calling them the wrong thing.

Me: Nope.

Jerad: He wants to talk to you.

Claude: Ello?

Me: I'm sorry... I know, he grew up under a rock. I do what I can.

Claude: Dis boi, all ee know ees countree moosic and hamburgurers!

Me: And potatoes....

Claude: *something intelligible in French*


The Bitchy Wife said...

Hehe it must be a man thing. Lemme tell you about Larry today (sorry, this is going to be the equivalent of a blog):

First off, Larry is a DISASTER when it comes to any kind of online banking. He forgets the passwords, tries the wrong passwords too many times, and then he gets locked out of the site. This really sucks because I am always the one to sign up for the online banking, so that means that I have to be the one to call and unlock it. So, not exaggerating or anything, Larry has probably locked us out of online banking like 5 times. In 2 years. Umm, learn how to remember a password!

So when Mid-State Bank switched to Rabobank, I had to create a new password with all of their particular requirements. When I did that, I told Larry that the password was not the same as the old one, and to just text message or call me when he wanted to log on and I would tell him the password since I knew he would NEVER remember it.

At like 10 a.m. this morning, my cell phone rings. My boss is standing right next to me because we are working on something together. I answer anyways.

Me: Hello?
Larry: Hi. I had to re-set our online banking password because I couldn't remember it. The temporary one is &FGh23W98+DS5---
Me: ---huh? Wait, am I supposed to be writing this down?
Larry: No, I emailed it to you. But to create the new password I have to know the old password.
Me: Huh? How does that even--(But then my boss is just standing there like, "are you going to talk for an hour?" so I just drop it-- ok, it was *password*
Larry: OK thanx.
Me: You're welcome! Just don't forget to let me know what the new one is!

Then about 15 minutes later my phone rings again....

Me: Hello?
Larry: What was the old password again?
Me: Seriously, I am busy! Can you write it down or something this time?! It was *password*
Larry: Ok thanx.
Me: You're welcome, love you, bye!

Then I am online shortly after, and Larry gchats me:

Larry: I can't reset our password, so you have to use the temporary one..but it expires after today.
Me: Why can't you make a new one?
Larry: I dunno, I can't figure this thing out. I HATE!!!!! this new online banking.
Me: OK...sorry. Let me try to make one...
*approximately 30 seconds later* OK, the new password is *password*
Larry: Huh, how did you do that?
Me: Umm, it wouldn't make since that in order to reset your password because you forgot it, that you would have to remember it to create a new one. So the "Old Password" they were requesting was just the temporary one they sent you.
Larry: Oh. Well this new system sucks. I can't log on.
Me: Umm, our username is *username* and our password is *password*. I don't know what else to tell you...
Larry: Oh, I was able to log on!
Me: Yeah, it helps when you put in the right username and password. Next time, can you just call me so we don't have to reset the password and everything...since you can't use your past 5 passwords...I mean I'm running out of ideas here...
Larry: Ok, I'll try.

And then I am just stuck wondering how someone SO SMART can be so retarded at times...


Beth McDermott said...

oh, jerad. also, i cant wait to read melindas comment... i sooo miss her blogs! whered she go?!