Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Reader 101

I was looking through my Sitemeter and FEEDJIT and noticed that someone likes to click on allll the blogs on the side of my page to read them. Which is nice... I mean, that's why they are there but I wanted to tell you all about using an RSS reader in case you didn't know.

There are a lot out there, but I use Google Reader so thats what I'll show you.

Google Reader can do a ton of things, but here is the really basic part. How to view your favorite blogs.

Go to http://www.google.com/reader

Sign in with your google account, or make one real quick.

(click pics to enlarge)

Click "Add Subscription"

Type in URL:

Then when you want to catch up on your blogs, it will list all the new blogs for you. Kind like email:

You can read them from the reader:

Or click on them and it will take you straight to the person's blog.

You can also do fancy things like add "tags" to different blogs like "craft" or "recipe" or something like that, then if you click on your "craft" tag, it will bring up any blog you have ever tagged that way. You can add multiple tags to one blog. You can also email blogs straight from your reader to someone if you think they'll like it.

Pretty much if you read more than a few blogs I would highly recommend trying it this way you'll love it!


lucinda! said...

i like to click on the ones with interesting titles. so it could be me. though, you know if you just read them from a reader, the people with advertisements dont get any money, cause your not actually clicking on their page. i just learned that cause of the whole "blog the recession" thing. well i think thats right.

Steph said...

This is true. BUT... you can also make it so that your blog has to be clicked on to be opened... so that takes care of the advertisement deal. I like to open them anyways cause they look prettier:) I just like the reader to tell me what's new, and put everything in a list for me and let me tag, star, and email things:)

Beth McDermott said...

nope. its me. i should really get on this... but you've already given me the fish before teaching me to fish. i guess i have to wait until my tech support guy has a free moment to read this blog... in the mean time, be prepared to keep getting hits from my browser! hahahahah

Steph said...

okay, its not just you guys... its melinda too and Tina sometimes. And someone who lives in San Luis? I just didn't want to call you guys all out haha. whatever floats your boats... I guess I'm just LAZY