Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend of beer and sleeping in.

Our weekend started Thursday night with a party at Beth's house for the season premier of The Office. Everyone dressed up as a character from the show and we had beer and pizza. Yesssssssss!

Even though the episode was an hour long I was panicking that Jim wasn't going to propose. I may or may night have had a little tear when he did. Although seriously, at a gas station? I'm all for spontaneous, but in real life shouldn't he have waited till the weekend and planned something a little special? Me thinks so.

Friday I slept in and then ran a few errands, cleaned the house and started reading a book my best friend Tina got me for my birthday, American Wife.
On Friday's Jerad is now off by 3:30 so that we can spend time together. I'm loving it! It is such a nice change from all of the double shifts. Especially since I don't work Fridays. We had dinner at Cool Hand Luke's to celebrate his sister Jill's birthday and then headed over to Hoover's Live in A-town.

Noah and Lucinda had invited us to see Noah's band compete in the Battle of The Bands that Hoover's Live puts on. Taylor and Dom were going to come but Taylor ended up playing a show last minute in San Luis, and Beth and Tyson also bailed on me but since it was their 7 year anniversary I'm letting that one slide. Since Melinda and Larry live right behind us now, they didn't have much of a choice. Plus I told them there was alcohol so they were in.

Lucinda thought it started at 8:30 and we might want to be a little early and also mentioned that she would be stuck there from about 7 on. I think we got there at 7:45 and found out it didn't actually start till 9, and the first band ended up playing at 9:30 or something like that. We had fun visiting though and at least we got a table and there was no line at the bar for the first hour and a half:)

The first band was Honor Bound Heroes who are pretty popular around here.

After that was Noah's band, Perceive the Symphony.

It was fun watching them play because I don't think I've seen Noah play since he was in The Timothies, my friend Taylor's high school band. I also went to school with the drummer and hadn't seen him play since he was in a different highschool band as well.

They were very good and ended up winning the $100 prize, and getting to advance into the next round. Yeay!!! Everyone celebrated:

During this time Larry managed to get drunk which I have NEVER seen cause he is by no means a lightweight. Apparently when Larry drinks he likes to argue about football. Loudly. It was really funny.

Saturday we slept in which never happens. The dogs even slept in. I don't know if Jerad drugged them or what, but none of us were out of bed till after 10. Scandalous I know:) Jerad made us breakfast, homemade biscuits and fresh jam, sausage and homemade gravy and he cleaned up! After breakfast, he played some music and I read some more of my book and then we met Nick, Heather, and Jerad's brother Joey, sister Jill and her kids Carter, Maddie and Abby in Morro Bay.

We rented a boat and cruised around the Bay for an hour then had dinner. It was really fun!

Saturday night from about 8pm till 1:30am we had a Rock Band Championship.

It started out with us playing with Nick's game on our Wii, and by the end we had bought our own game so we had 2 and could have dueling bands.

We learned that just because I have been in a relationship with a drummer does not mean I can rock the drums on Rock Band. At.All. But I can kick Joey's ass singing, I ended up doing okay on bass too. I do need some practice fo sho. I wish they had a country version!

Melinda turned out to be good at the drums, and of course Noah rocked the guitar. Heather was really good too.

Sunday we AGAIN got to sleep in (IIIIIIIIIII know!) until probably 9:00, and shopped around for supplies to make these invitations for our Halloween party:

So you can be looking forward to a plaster version of my finger arriving in your mail box soon! Creepy huh?

I also re-did our window box with new flowers since the herbs had come to the end of their life span. I went to plant some flowers in the back yard too and found out the hard way that I was digging in a red ant hill. After that I stayed in the house. Jerad cleaned up the back yard and planted a Palm Tree in one of the barrels that we had had a tomato plant in that had also finished for the season. Him and Larry finished the gate on the new fence they have been building, so now we can get to each other's houses without walking around the block.
For dinner I made a lasagna from scratch (including the noodles and sauce) along with seared squash and a salad.

We spent a lot of time playing with the dogs. Jerad's been teaching Bailey to vault over Buddy ro catch the Frisbee. The first few times she was just so focused on the Frisbee, she nailed him in the face (these are pics from the week before, but you can get the idea):
After awhile she got it:

Other than that we just vegged on the couch and watched some shows we had tivoed during the week. Very relaxing! I'm bummed that I missed the Desperate Housewives Premier. Totally forgot it was last night, I'll catch it online tonight though.

Most of our tomato plants are finished growing tomatoes. I picked a ton yesterday and in an act of domestic diva-ness I'm going to make and can a bunch of marinara sauce. The lasagna sauce came out really yummy, so why not?

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