Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A peek into our bedroom

Relax, its not what you're thinking (Beth).

The night before last,we were laying in bed and I turned to Jerad and said:

"now that you bought yourself Rockband, what am I supossed to get you for your birthday?"

He said "hmm, there is a guitar that I want at the music store on 12th st."

I pictured the 5 or so guitars he had and reflected on how it's not like he's in a band or anything and retorted "why the heck do you need another guitar????"

He got very excited and replyed "its really cool and black and only $675"(he kept talking but all I heard was 'blah blah blibitty bloo')

I laughed and said "ya right, I'll buy you that the day you buy me an engagement ring." Ha! There, I won that one!

He was quiet for a moment before coming back with: "Oh no. I know how that works, if I buy you a ring, then 1/2 of the guitar would be yours. Then you would want to return your 1/2 and you'd be like 'oh sorry... your 1/2 is attached to mine you're SOL!' "

I rolled my eyes (which was pointless because it was after midnight and dark in the room) and told him "ha.ha. if you buy me a ring, you can have AND KEEP a guitar and I def. would not want 1/2 of it you flippin weirdo."

Then we were talking about rings and he kept joking about MAKING me a ring (as in welding one.... yes he thinks he's funny like that) and I said "no way, ill kill you" or something to that effect.

"A year ago you had me pick out a ring I like, and you should get me that one, not try to be creative and pick out your own. And DEFINITELY not make one."

He said (but I think he was joking) that it would be more special if it was something he picked out himself, that 'had lots of character' (Read: looks homely) not something that I picked out and actually loved.

So I caved (AKA I knew he wasn't serious anyways), saying "fine, whatever, as long as you don't propose in a gas station." You know, like in The Office season premier. He tried to convince me that I would actually like that method. Pshft. Then he kept saying retarded ways he was "planning" on proposing. Cause he is sooooo funny like that. *Rolls eyes*

I asked "do you already have an idea?"

He got serious and then said "I have a few."

So obviously curious little me had to ask "like what?" Sure like he would just tell me...

Not surprisingly he retorted: "ya right, im not telling you."

Damn. "Fine, how many ideas?"

"About 2 and a 1/2." What the hell is a '1/2???'

I tried to get him to tell me the 1/2 an idea but he said no. I persisted saying that it would probably be so long until he proposed since I'm not an adult yet (referring to a jack ass text message) that I would forget anyways.

He told me the problem is that I am too MUCH of an adult and he does't want to marry an old woman. It was fine when he thought I was 23, but now that he knows I'm 24, things have changed.

I tried a new tactic, and told him he should just tell me his ideas because I bet they are stupid and I have better ones anyways.

He said "nice try, youre not getting me to give up that easy." Damn, he's on to my plan...

So I kneed him really hard and we didnt talk about it anymore.


That concludes the magic that happens in our bedroom late at night.

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Beth McDermott said...

oh, SURE, IM the pervert.
alright, i know. i was totally thinking that.
duuuude, jerad. just DO IT already! before I DO!