Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lucky Ducky

Jerad spends a lot of his time at work drawing up plans, revising them, redrawing... you get the picture. He decided that it would be easier on him if he had a laptop and Auto Cad. So... he asked his company to buy them for him.

He doesn't really even have a desk job so I figured no way.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in yesterday and there is a shiny silver laptop on the kitchen table... the worst part is I think its nicer than mine! Then again mine is pink so I win right? Say yes people.

Really, a pink Inspiron (ooh, sounds like 'inspiration')

Or a Gray "Latitude" (I totally typed "latiturd" on accident. I crack myself up) Latitude just sounds so.... flat!

Anyways, all joking aside, Jerad is super stoked, I'm super proud of him, its really nice having 2 laptops around the house so one of is isn't confined to the office to use the desktop. AND, he actually might start responding to those emails you've given up sending him!

Also, tonight is his last softball game of the season... so cross your fingers that they win!

If you are feeling really ambitious, you can join us. Have a case beer and cheer them on! We don't actually know what time the game is, but whenever it is we'll be there haha.

You can text me if you're interested in going or feel sorry for me being basically the entire fan club.

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