Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Burning Melinda

Remember how Jerad and I started a Western Dance class 4 weeks ago (this class will be the 5th class)? And my sister wrote that hilarious post about trying to get out of going by offering her hubby football and sexual favors, but they ended up going anyways?

She ended by saying "But, we decided that we will keep trying for a few more weeks. At the end of that time we will assess if we are having fun (regardless of if we still dance retardedly) or not." Apparently that means "We actually aren't ever going to go again, and when you text us we'll pretend like we never got the messages. Oh look, 'a few weeks' is up guess we gave it a shot!"

LOSERS. Some day there will be some random Two-Step-athon and we will stomp your asses. Jk. No I'm not, you suck.

Annnnd lemme illustrate for you. In a few months, lets say we have a Christmas party, you will still be doing this type of thing:
and we will be doing this:
Oh look, Valentines Day:

Where are Steph and Jerad? Oh, there they are!

And at my wedding... what, you want to participate in the Bridal Party Dance? Not looking like this you dont!

Meanwhile I'm on the other side of the dance floor with my (apparently Latin) lover:

Hmm, sucks to be you!

Edit: What the heck are you doing wearing white to my wedding? As if the dancing wasn't tacky enough!!!!!


The Bitchy Wife said...

Ok ok, you got me! Man, that was really funny Steph!

See, I had every intention of starting whatever the new dance was going to be this month, but then our cabinets FINALLY came in from Home Depot (OMG, I should totally blog about that fiasco) and things aren't going right with them and I have rearranged all of my cupboards in the meantime and Larry is stopping by Home Depot tonight on his way home to get a different blade for his skillsaw and....YIKES!

But, just for the record: We TOTALLY dance way worse than any of the people in those pictures :)

The Bitchy Wife said...

Addition: No silly, thats just my skin! ;)

Steph said...

well seeing as how Jerad went and helped Larry hang the cabinet or something I'm pretty sure it wasn't while we were AT class. And if it was something else he helped hang... I just don't believe you:)

If that's your skin, please stop being naked in my imaginary future wedding! You're outshining the twinkle lights and candles!

haha joking aside, we have to miss tonight cause i don't think Jerad will get off in time. BUT at least we are going whenever we can. Suck-ahs!