Monday, October 27, 2008


About half of the bloggers that I read have written something or another about the onset of Fall within the last month. They have waxed on and on about the leaves changing, a nip in the air, hot cider, having to put an extra blanket on the bed...

All I have to say is, are you living in the same country as me? I. hate. Fall. That's right Beth, read it again.

We now have to rake the lawns between mowings.

There is a nip in the air. I am refusing to acknowledge it, so I shiver in bed at night now.

I hate wearing anything but flip flops, so my toes are constantly purple until about noon when it warms up.

A few weeks ago there was ice on my windshield.

I tried to ignore it when the days started getting shorter.

Then, not only was it dark when I had to wake up, it was still dark when I got to work! Pretty soon, It will also be dark when I get off. As in, I will be at work the entire daylight hours. Bite me.

Cider, yeah, its gross people.

I want to know what's so wrong with summer? Isn't that why people live in California? Blue skies, nice weather... long days, movies in the park, the beach, the lake, camping, hiking... I love it!

It doesn't help that we spent our entire summer remodeling the house... I feel like we missed it.

Winter, I can handle. I love Christmas, we go snow camping in Yosemite a few times, and I like putting up Christmas decorations. Still, I can do all those things without Fall thankyouverymuch.

Anyways, only 8 more months until Summer and I can't wait.


The Bitchy Wife said...

I just want to know what planet all of you crazies are living on!!! How the heck does it feel like fall to anyone? It's going to be 88 degrees here today. And like 87 degrees tomorrow. So, basically it IS STILL SUMMER but at least with a little less light it cools down faster.

I for one LOVE the fall and all of the foods and drinks and pretty leaves associated with it. Fall signals the onset of the holidays. the onset of the holidays signals months of me pulling my hair out trying to work out Larry and I's shared custody schedule with our families where no one is ever happy.

Okay, maybe I hate the holidays but I absolutely love eating soup and cornbread and being able to wear a sweater.

Steph said...

Okay "going to be 88." But right now its 10:45 and it IS 54 degrees! tonight it gets down to 43. Also, I checked and Paso should have a high of 83. That is a far cry from the 95 I have grown to know and love!

Fall foods and drinks=blah blah blah look, I need to work out more now. And I can make cornbread or soup whenever the heck I want to... and I WANT TO alot more when its not freaking dark until 30 minutes after I get to work, and dark 30 minutes before I get off.

I stand by it.


The Bitchy Wife said...

Haha so now I know when I am mad at you to dump some leaves on your voodoo doll and waive some corn bread in front of its nose.... muahaha

Steph said...

Oh so not nice!

Well, I'll put yours in a prairie outfit and threaten to make a calendar... oh wait...

Misguided Mommy said...

the only good thing about fall is apple cider and tuaca...i mean, ummm the leaves, ha yeah the leaves

Beth McDermott said...

ok, this blog is ALMOST costing you your current status on my lsm list. can i just say... BUY a friggin leaf blower, THROW a down comforter on your bed, INVEST in a decent pair of uggs... AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, if you dont like cider... HAVE HOT COCOA OR ADD SOME WHIPPED CREAM AND CARMEL for crying out loud. I dont want to hear any of this talk again, or were officially on a break, ya hear that?
Doesnt like fall. Ptchaw.