Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jerad Talks Back!

And here are the answers to everyone's questions:

1) What are 5 things that you are grateful for every single day of your life?
-my God, my girl, my family, my friends, and my job

2) What is the thing that drives you crazy most about Steph? Your answer should include the thing that drives you crazy most about her in a positive way and in a negative way (i.e. she is bendy and she throws beans on me when she is mad)?
-positive...her love of pets, negative...her love of pets

3) What is the most embarrassing thing steph has ever done in front of you?
-one time she put on some scandalous clothes and waited for her boyfriend to come home and instead nick and I brought the mail by and got a show we weren't expecting, she was a little embarrassed.

4) What is the most romantical thing steph has ever done for you?
-you have to know that steph hates the word bitch more than anything in the world...so one time like last night she made me say "beer me bitch."

5) What is your favorite memory of stephanie (it can be romantical or not)?
-when she made me say "beer me bitch"

6) What is ur all time fav and least-fav memories?
-least favorite first, I'm with my brother and my grandparents on the beach and the remote control car I'm driving gets too far out of range and hits my grandpa's heel as him and my grandmother are walking on the beach. he was very angry and yelled at me.
-favorite, I have a lot of great memories. I'm not sure what my all time favorite memory is...maybe it hasn't happened yet

7) What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for lil Stephy?
-I'm not sure you should ask steph

8) If you could do-over one thing what would it be?
-I would have spent a summer working with my grandfather before he died

9) What do you want for our anniversary? - Steph
-07 dodge ram 3500 cummins turbo diesel

10) And what are you getting me? - Steph
-a kiss

11) If you could have any job, and work anywhere in the world, what and where would it be?
-I would be a traveling pilot tour guide in the world

12) Describe yourself in 10 words or less!

13) What is your favorite joke?
-why is a bees hair sticky??? he uses a honeycomb

14) And what is it you do at your job?
-I fix things, build new things, design things, draw things, manage people, drive trucks and forklifts, organize things, and maintain things

15) Can we expect a proposal anytime soon? Or what?! I'm waiting for the big "We're Engaged" blog! :)
-all info in this category is G14 classified, sorry

And sent on myspace:

- Q: What was the silliest thing Steph has done while you were around? or if you can not think of a silly situation what is the silliest attribute Steph has?
-the silliest attribute she has is one of my favorite things about her. she sometimes talks and sings in this really cute little kids voice. its amazing


- Is he is ready for Rock Band 2?! It comes out November 2nd.
-heck yeah I'm ready


Steph said...

3 things:

1. Oh man...I knew I never should have made you say that "beer me bitch comment."

2. Also, I have done a lot romantic things for you jerkface:)

3. love you

The Bitchy Wife said...

Larry and I were laughing because Jerad doesn't even drink beer...but it probably wouldn't have sounded as tough if Jerad said, "Mike's Hard Lemonade me, bitch!" huh?

Steph said...

yeah, he calls it beer. sometimes i bring him beer instead and pretend like i thought that was what he wanted:)