Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sheryl's Bachelorette

This is Sheryl:

And she is getting married... yeay Sheryl!!!! Saturday was her bachelorette party:)

These are her bridesmaids Kristin, (Sheryl), Liz, and Caitlin:

We started the evening off in the Sky View room at the Madonna Inn for drinks, visiting, and goofing off:

After that, we headed to Upper Crust for Dinner and Dessert and of course, more wine:

Sheryl had a list of "challenges" she was supposed to complete during the night. She did the first one at dinner.

Find a random guy and have him pretend him to walk you down the isle (we all hummed the wedding march):

After that we went back to the room for about an hour for some more Champagne, Vodka, and to fix our makeup and get ready for a night (and early morning) on the town:

(those are penis straws in everyone's mouths)

We hit about ¿5? bars Downtown. I lost track.

Some more of the challenges:

Feeling a guy's muscles:

Getting a guy to show her his belly button:

Get a guy to buy her a drink:

Get a guy to give her a condom (they all claimed they didnt have any which was kind of gross--use protection men!):

Making an "S+S" in Gum ball Alley:

Getting a guy to give her a tip:

Kissing a bald guy's head:

There were lots more, but those are the best pics:)

More having fun pics:

After that it was back to the hotel room for... more drinks and fun:)

(Couldn't Tracy and I almost be related in this picture? Cousins?)

I think I went to bed at around 3:45 AM, and I was one of the first ones out!

I am sooo happy for Sheryl, and also soooooo excited for her wedding in a few short weeks because we have almost exactly the same taste so it will sort of like be being a guest at my wedding. If that makes any sense. Ever since she got engaged she has been emailing me her ideas and things she has chosen and I love everything so much, and so many thing are things that I either would have done, or just love the idea of and I just can't wait to see it all put together! Plus her and Shannon are adorable and the bridesmaids and their dresses are all beautiful as is the location she chose and... just yeay Sheryl!

Check back tomorrow because I have a video and a few more pictures I want to add :)


The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh, that looks like an utter blast! Its funny to see the droopy eye progression as you all drank more :) But Steph, you looked like the least drunk out of everyone! Whatev. When its your turn, Beth and I will get you plastered. Also, you will have a much naughtier list. And, there will be male "firefighters" stripping. Yeah.

Steph said...

haha where did firefighter strippers come from???

couldn't we just have some hot firefighter be my boyfriend all night? cause i'd like that.

I think I drank about a bottle of champagne, a few glasses of wine, a few shots, and a few mixed drink. i just don't show it in my eyes i guess. or i chose not to post those pictures since its my blog:)

i tried to post good pics of everybody. or pics that were funny but people still wouldnt be embarrassed of. hence why the last few hrs of the night are missing and shall forever be hehe

Beth McDermott said...

uh, ok, my head hurts and my stomach is turning just THINKING about being there. wow, i guess that officially makes me an old maid. looks like you had fun tho! love the boobie shot, ha.