Monday, October 27, 2008

Home on the Range

I can't completely explain this post... but let me try.

My dad has always made jokes that he just wants to be a hermit and we should all wear bonnets and go back prairie days or something like that.

So, for his b-day we thought it would be hilarious to actually dress up that way. Jerad decided to take pics and threatened to make a calendar

Oh goodness. Yes, I did just post those pictures.

We met at my parents house in the afternoon.

They are building a waterfall thing and wanted us to pic out some rocks for it. We drove a few miles there...

And then ended up walking... I dunno, 50 miles it felt like :)

We picked out sopme giant rocks, and then some small ones. Jerad was nice enough to carry mine:

And here are a few pics I took along the way to keep from dying of heat stroke and to take the mind off of the fact of how I had a bonnet on my head:

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The Bitchy Wife said...

I cannot even figure out what in the world possessed you to post that.


As if it wasn't traumatic enough.

This is one post you have to delete. Sorry Tina!