Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Off to a greeeaaaaat start.

So far its been one of Those Days. I over slept by 40 minutes waking up in a scramble and rushing through my shower without enough time to shave or finish my morning routine.

Hi, I'm Sandpaper-Legs-Wethair-No-Makeup, nice to meet you!

As I was trying to find something clean that semi matched to wear (I haven't had any time to do laundry for about a week), our deaf cat Winston peed on the bed. Wtf cat? Are you kidding me? Just cause its 40 below zero does not mean that you do not have to go outside to take care of ya biznass. But moreover, my bed????

When Jerad went to feed Buddy, he found that he had thrown up in his kennel during the night. Wtf pets? Why do you always malfunction at once?

By this point I was grumpy, wearing an outfit that makes me look like I'm 5, and still running late. Then I remembered I had to get my blood drawn before work today so they'll have the results for my Thursday doctor's appointment. Believe it or not, getting jabbed with needles isn't my FAVORITE thing to do before 7:15AM. Luckily, I got the good technician and didn't feel a thing. But the muffins were stale. Damn.

I still made it to work by 7:30, only half an hour late. Phew, I can have my morning coffee... check my email, turn on my music and breathe. Ha notsomuch my friends. Because our shipping supervisor was off yesterday and the shipping clerk is new, none of my International orders were processed yesterday. We have been so busy, I had to do about a week's worth of paperwork in an hour and a half. By then the coffee pot was down to the bottom, not that warm, and had grinds in it on top of that.

Annnnnnd, its only 10:15?

Bite me Tuesday, bite me.

I guess it could always my much, much worse


Beth McDermott said...

Look at the bright side... your week is already half over as opposed to the rest of us unfortunate souls in the vast majority who are slaves to the average work week.
Coffee with grinds in it is one of my ultimate pet peeves. You have my sympathies on that one.

AGSoccerMom said...

sorry Steph but first pic made me laugh out loud at work, had those days myself. Hey don't ya know coffee grounds will really wind you upppppp. Hope the rest goes smoother..

do you have me set up for extra word tag.....they don't like my answers