Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So, we're getting rid of our pets.

So, the time has come to get rid of our pets, and that time came last night. I came home from work yesterday with only enough time meet to Jerad, eat real quickly, and rush to class where we had a huge assignment to do. I opened the front door to the most-god-awful-smell and went back to the guest room to find... well, I will spare you the details. Bailey had been in her kennel and apparently had a REALLY upset tummy. Badly. Jerad was cleaning the walls. The walls had to be cleaned. All the dog bedding, the kennel, the dog. It was the most disgusting thing I have even seen. I've heard of projectile-vomiting, but projectile-poo?

Not the best start to the night. I really did feel sorry for the poor pup though, I don't know what could have been wrong, she doesn't eat anything except dog food. Oh well, such is the fun associated with pet ownership. And our fancy washer has a sanitize setting which is pretty sweet sauce for such occasions.

By this time we had missed class. We had been planning on skipping the same class on Thursday so that we could celebrate V-day, but since we missed last night, that wasn't going to be possible. Great. Since we were in horrible moods by that point, we decided to open our valentines presents! That is for another blog.

In the middle of opening presents, Tobee starts trying to hack up something. Seriously? I quickly threw him outside where he proceeded to cough up something all over the front porch. Why me???

Finally, it was bedtime. Since Bailey's Kennel was still outside drying, we put her to bed in Buddy's. Tobee was no where to be found so we put Winston in the laundry room where they usually sleep and put Buddy in there with him. It was about 11 PM at this point. Winston decided to keep teasing Buddy so everytime we were almost asleep he would bark.

I finally got up and put him in our room where he proceeded to smell around, pant, whine, and dig at the carpet for about 45 minutes. I figured he just was all wound up and was missing Bailey. Oh no no no, he had to pee. How do I know this? because he did... on the rug. Luckily it was just a little.

I whisked him outside and thank goodness he finished out there. So, now its approaching midnight and I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing pee out of the carpet. Because of course he didn't get it in the wood floor which would have been easy to clean, its on the one white rug in the house.

Honestly, I wasn't even mad at him. He hasn't had an accident in the house for 6 months probably. And he was begging to go out for about 45 minutes, we just didn't pick up on it. Finally, the carpet is clean, I let Buddy back in the laundry room and we try for the 4th time or so to go to sleep.

At which point Winston starts meowing in his million decibel deaf meow cause Tobee isn't in there with him.

I thought only people with kids had to deal with this kind of crap? Why are all of our pets acting up all of a sudden? Like Mao peeing on the chair (and Jerad) for the first time... ever.... in 3 and a half years? Is it cause we're gone at school all night and they're revolting? It better end soon!

Anyways, of course we are not getting rid of the animals. No matter how much gross stuff we have to put up with and clean up. I love them to death and the benefits far out weigh nights like this.

Here is the Mao post from my myspace page in case you missed it

February 4th, 2008

"Feeling pissy apparently"

Yesterday Jerad and I were sitting in the living room doing homework and catching up on the American Idol (I know, I know) episodes we had missed. We have been keeping Mao in the house all day and night since we got back from the snow trip since the weather has been bad and hoping that he will start getting along better with Winston. The past few days he has been really moody to Jerad... growling whenever he picks him up, stuff like that. Anyways, I was sitting on the blue couch (under the window) and Jerad was on the suede chair (by the kitchen) and Mao came over and jumped into his lap. After a few minutes, Jerad just sat up straight and said
"he just peed on me."
"who? what?"
"Mao. He peed on me."
"what do you mean 'he peed on you?' "
"he walked over, layed in my lap, then stood up and peed on the chair right by where I'm sitting."

We both just sat there and didn't know what to do. Looking back it was actually pretty funny. I think we were both just shocked cause he has NEVER not gone in his litterbox... in the last 3 and a half years. He ever goes to his litter box to throw up hairballs. I don't know what was going on in his head.

After the shock wore off I got pretty mad. I cleaned the cusion cover and even threw it in the washing machine. I am paranoid that the other cats (or even Mao for all I know) will think its the new living room litter box. Cats can smell that even after you've washed it.... and I can't flip the cushion over because the other side is ruined from someone spilling a whole candle full of hot wax on it.... so, kinda freakin out. I love that chair and it matches my couch... plus it was like a $600 chair so I'm not going to just run out and buy another one. Stupid cat. It better have been a one time deal.

On a side note I do think its funny that Mao is mad at Jerad for some reason and not me.... even though Jerad's the one that feeds him. Who knows:)

Oh, speaking of cats; when my little sister Ady was 2, she would always say "pissing" instead of "hissing." it was really funny to see a 2 year old asking her mom why the kitties don't like her and are always "pissing" when she is around. Sadly she grew out of it pretty fast.


Jillian said...

Poor Bailey probably ate a frog or something!

Julie said...

Oh Stephy! What a terrible night! If you ever do decide to get rid of them, you know where to find me.