Saturday, February 9, 2008

Date Night... Stephy Style

On The Door:
Inside The Door:


lucinda said...

how cute! you always have fun ideas!!

Steph said...

thanks! it was either that or study. I'll always take the not studying option:)

Melinda said...

Gosh, do you think that maybe you went a little overboard with the candles? It was really cute though. I remember when Larry and I were super broke right after we moved "down South" and for Larry's Birthday I planned the "Dozens of Drinks, Weekend of Wild Larrypalooza" (or something like that. I know the name was longer I just can't remember). Anyway, It pretty much consisted of us drinking alot, eating pizza and staying up all night playing Larry's favorite video games. He LOVED it. Guys are so easy to please.

Steph said...

the sad part is that most of the candles were already in the living room, I am def a candle person!

thats really funny that you made a name for your date night. I do that about chores to make them seem fun. like "the-super-duper-america's-next-top-lawn-makeover" hahaha