Tuesday, February 12, 2008


For once, I can't think of a thing to write. Strange huh? How about instead I'll post
a few blogs about Subway from my myspace page. It is right down the street from where I work so I go there ALOT, this is the only explanation I can think of for why all this weird stuff happens to me. Cause there is no way I am going to admit that its only because I'm weird.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is not a joke. AKA How I almost got Beat Up
Okay, so on my lunch break I went to subway (as usual) and in
walks this girl... probably 25-30 years old. She is dressed in a green
VELVET blazer with brightly colored pins all over the front of it, and
then this poufy, tiered green skirt (different green than the jacket).
Around her waist was a red scarf that had gold glitter, and it was tied
on the side like a sash. There was a matching scarf around her neck.
She was wearing brown boots and... here's the best part.... some sort
of weird purple bow thing on her head.

So, I asked her "Are you going to a costume
party? That is such a cute Christmas tree outfit!"

She just scowls at me and says "um, no..."

COME ON! The bow on her head was a tree topper, she was wearing
all this un matching green, the scarves were like garland, the pins were
like ornaments, and her boots the tree trunk. I was 100% POSITIVE
she was dressed up!!!

I apologize and sit down to eat. She sits at a table behind me. My phone
rings and its Julie. I am DYING to tell her about this cause I know she
will laugh her butt off, so I go in the bathroom and am trying to describe
it to her.

*Knock *Knock

"Just a minute!!!" Okay Julie, I'm going to go finish my lunch but I'll try
to sneak a pic of her on my camera phone. You have to see this, it's the
most ridiculous thing! Bye!"

I open the door and OF COURSE (the gods must hate me) its Christmas
Tree Lady. She is not impressed. So I run away.
Since I couldn't sneak a pic, I attempted to draw her in Paint Shop.

I drew her with a frown cause she was such a grump-bucket.

Please tell me this looks like a Christmas tree?!?

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Excuse me sir....

How embarrassing is it to be me? Let me give you a peek.
Today I was having lunch at Subway (surprise surprise) and went to throw away
my trash. I had my tray, cup, purse and wallet that I was trying to juggle
and had somehow mixed the highlight of my day (the choc. chip cookie)
into it all and wanted to make sure I didn't throw it away. Out of the corner
of my eye I could see a man waiting patiently off to the side.

"Sorry, I picked up too many things at once.... if I accidentally threw
away my cookie I might die. It's just been one of those days at work.
Thanks, there you go!"

As I turned around to smile at the man who had waited so patiently
I realized that he was no one other than... a cardboard stand up figure
of Jared the Subway Guy.
Go me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Subway Escapades...
Current mood: embarrassed

Today on my break I went to subway just to grab a Dt. Coke and
Salad. I know I know, I keep saying I will kick the diet coke habit
but one a day? COME ON! I digress. Anywho, there were a few
people behind me in line and I got a call right before it was my
turn to pay. As I happily chat away I hand my card to the cashier
who after a moment tells me the card wont work. I silently
freak out. There is no reason my card shouldn't work. A salad
and drink? Thats like $5! As I start to feel my cheeks burning
in embarrassment, I ask her to please try it again.

"We can't take this card."
"I'm sure there is just a problem with the machine...."
then with a smile:
"We don't accept Target Gift cards."
then she looks at me knowingly and says:
"That's okay, I remember you used to be blonde."

Thanks alot!

These kinda look the same right?!?

In other Subway News, I was at Target over the weekend and the Subway Manager saw me, CALLED OUT MY NAME, and came over and talked to me. I don't know if I should be flattered, or feel pathetic.

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