Thursday, February 7, 2008

A New Me.

Yesterday I was looking in the mirror at my skin and became kind of horrified. In all my busyness, I've just kind of let things go. There are bumps. There are blotches. There is dryness. EWE!!! Not pretty. I texted my best friend Tina and asked what I should do. She has this radiant, airbrushed skin so I thought she would know about some wonderful million dollar product line that would help me. What does she use?Seriously??? They were like $5... TOGETHER at Target! She said that she just does that once a day, and uses cold water to wash her face. Also that I needed to make sure I was drinking TONS of water.

I know I need to drink more water... besides helping my skin it will probably help me not get sick as much. I am really excited about my new little face regime and hope to be seeing results soon. Then I thought as long as my face was going to be getting all gorgeous, my teeth might want a little boost so I picked up some new paste as well.
I was going to post some before pics... but on second thought I don't want to scare you:)

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