Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If I was only dating another girl...

I am 100% confident that Jerad won't be seeing this till after V-day so I am going to post a few spoilers.

For a long time he has been wanting a camera of his own. When I got a new digital camera last year I gave him my old one which worked great for about a week and then promptly broke. So, this is what I got him this year:
I got a great deal on it used because the owner (a starving college student) just got a new camera and needed some cash. It even came with 4 memory sticks, a telephoto and macro lenses, and other goodies. Plus since its a Sony it will work with all my old camera stuff.

Anyways, on my lunch today I decided to run to Target to pick up a card and at least one other thing for him to open. After finding a cute card (its pretty slim pickins with only 2 days to go) I wandered over to the bath stuff. Oops, I forgot who I was shopping for. Then to the candles where I found some great ones on sale. Oops, get it together Steph you're not shopping for yourself!
Then I found the bedding. There was a ton on sale. Nice bedding. Soft bedding. I have really been wanting a new comforter set. The one we are using now I have had for a few years before I started dating Jerad and its just so... purple. I have as big of a soft spot for bedding as I do dishes.

And for a guy, he really does too! I know I could easily pass off ANYTHING to him cause he will be so stoked about the camera anyways... I put two different sets in my cart before stepping back into reality and deciding not to be selfish:)

Then I got the bight idea to buy all the stuff we need to fix up the yard this weekend and call that another gift. "Here honey, my gift to you: work all day on your day off fixing up the yard while I watch cause I don't really know how to help...." Hmm, not the best present either.

I settled for this instead cause I know its something that he actually wants
I will just hold off on the bedding until we actually need it.

Then again, all the bills are already paid and it IS payday tomorrow....

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