Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jerad turns 26

We started off the celebrations with a party at our house that I somehow lost all the pics of. I don't know what happened! Anyways, Beth, Tyson, Dawson and Anabell, Heather and Nick, Noah, Aiden and Lucinda, Melinda and Larry, Addy, Joey, Taylor, Ken, and Alex all came and then Tina and Tom came down from San Fran and Jerad's best friend Travis made it down from San Ramon.

We bbqd in the freezing cold, then played Rock Band and had cake. Everyone got Jerad either BBQ or Rockbard related gifts, so needless to say, he was in heaven.

The next Thursday, his parents took us to see Randy Travis. AMAZING!

Aside from seeing the Counting Crows (my all time FAVORITE BAND) from about 5 feet from the stage, this was my favorite show ever. He was funny, and personable, and made you feel like he was playing just for you. And he told jokes. Anyways, if you ever get the chance, I would see him. Randy Travis wasn't even in my top 10 favorite country singers and like I said, second favorite concert ever.

Friday we headed up to Santa Margarita Lake for a weekend of camping.

There were kids:


(this is where the lizard jumped from Taylor's shoulder DOWN Dom's shirt:)


And fun:

Also check out Beth's blog for more pics and a much more eloquent explanation. Plus she calls me her lesbian soul mate and says nice things about "Mr. Jerad" score!

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Beth McDermott said...

duuuuude, why do the kids ALWAYS ruin all the fun... IM SAD WE DIDNT GO BOATING NOW! you were TOTALLY holding back all the details to protect me werent you? awe. (just go with it)
also, how CRACK MOM do I look with that cigarello in my mouth. I have a MUCH more flattering crack mom shot of myself... that I didnt post so that I wouldnt be incriminated! im putting an erasable mark next to your name. well find a way for you to make it up to me... hahaha