Monday, October 6, 2008


Meet Wyatt:

He is a 35 pound, 5 month old German Shepherd/Queensland Heeler mix. I saw these pictures on Craigslist and they just captured my heart. Someone abandoned him at a gas station and a kind hearted vet tech rescued him. He is freakin smart. Since Friday he has already learned "heel," "sit," "down," "off," and we are working on "stay."

He and Buddy are already bffs. When they play, they sound like giant bears. People are going to think we are breeding fighting dogs or something. Him and Bailey play too, just not as intensely.

Working on training:



I'm glad we found you puppy!


Beth McDermott said...

awe, what a cutie pie! did u pick his name or did he come with it?

Steph said...

The people that picked him up for the gas station called him that. We thought it was cute so we kept it. Althought it was tempting to come up with another "B" name to match our other pups:)

lucinda! said...

he is so stinkin cute! and what a smartie.

The Bitchy Wife said...

OMG he is SO CUTE. You know, he could come live in my yard and visit you on the weekends or something instead. You probably already have enough dog poop to pick up and I would be totally willing to take him off of your hands... :)