Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ode to Mr Nice Guy

Oh yeah, I've forgot to mention that lately, Jerad has been rocking my socks off! And not just in the way you're thinking. He definitely deserves a shout out. It began as a subtle shift so at first I didn't notice.

Then things started happening like he started making dinners. And cleaning the kitchen. Last time I went to Trader Joe's he offered to come with and got really into reading the nutritional info with me and seeing how to make good choices and meal plans. When we got home, he not only cleaned out all the old leftovers from the fridge, he put away all the clean dishes in the drainer and washed all the dirty ones the leftovers had been in. Hmmmm.

As if that wasn't weird enough he vacuumed the entire front of the house, hall, bathroom, our bedroom, and laundry room, then steam mopped the floors and countertops. What?!? Soon after he stopped whining about our home improvement projects and just dug in and began staying up till 3:45 (in the morning) whistling while he worked away.

Last night after dinner (which he again made) he said he would clean up the kitchen in the morning. This is Jerad code for "I don't want to clean the kitchen tonight, nor do I want you to do it cause it will make me look bad, so I will PRETEND like I am going to do it before I have to leave the house at 6:45am when in reality everything will be waiting for you when you get home after work tomorrow." Except he actually got up at 6 in the morning, washed the dishes, cleaned the counters, and watered my strawberries and tomatoes all before he left for work. Wow.

Hmm what else, he cleaned up the back yard, including picking up the dog poo a few times in the last couple of weeks... its not that it takes doing chores to make me happy. However usually I have to ask him to do these things two, three, FOUR times a few times before he does them and even then its not with a very positive attitude.

Besides doing more around the house he has a more positive attitude in general. He's more snuggly, he has been all into going to the gym with me and even took a yoga class. I dunno... its like all of a sudden he's giving %110 percent and I'm loving it.

Aaaaannnnnnddddd...... he is going to repaint the inside of the house... including the baseboards which are beat to hell. Cause he loves me THIS much. Well, I love you too babe!


Jerad said...

youre worth it and so much more. i love you too

Beth McDermott said...

awe... its so cute when they dont suck and remember that they love you (and need you!!)