Friday, August 29, 2008

It's mah b-day!!!

And the presents have started rollin in. Um, I get really excited about gifts.

Beth gave me my first birthday present, some yummy chapstick and some adorable boyshorts and sports bra for our next pillow fight sesh. Er, that I can wear to the gym? Or have some fuller coverage when I parade around the house with the blinds open? The neighbors thank you Beth!

My mom took me out to lunch and brought me this amazing little find:

My sister Melinda bought me not one but TWO Bare Escentuals Sephora goodies:

Jerad has a fun filled weekend planned for us (more to come on that later) but in the mean time, he got me something shiny:

My current camera has been slowly biting the dust. You can tell by the recent picture quality. The awesome thing about this is, since it is the same as my old camera, it has the cable that I have been missing and I can get all the pics that have been stuck on its internal memory off.

I'll just leave you with these little "awe" moments taken the weekend we first got Buddy and Bailey last year:

How. freakin. cute. are. they???????

Tomorrow I am waking up early (hopefully to breakfast in bed) and being whisked off to Monterey and then up to Sacramento. Birthdays are a big BIG thing to me. I start looking forward to my birthday MONTHS in advance:) Yes, I am that self absorbed.


lucinda! said...

yay for birthdays!!! melinda must have heard you hinting around that you were running out of the make-up she bought you last year.yay for awesome presents!

.heidi.noelle. said...

Happy "belated" Birthday! I hope it was wonderful :)

The Bitchy Wife said...

Haha, half your birthday present ended up being free! Score me! When you told me that they messed up on the eyeshadow and put 2 of the same color in the box, I of course took it back to Sephora. I had it with the receipt, and then a new one (which I double-checked to make sure had the right colors) and then a couple of items I was purchasing for myself.

I told the cashier that I wanted to exchange the eyeshadow set for the other one since the first was defective. She does her business, and then gives me a total. I said, "Really, that's it??" She just kinda looked at me like I was an idiot, then looked at the bag, and said, "Ya!" So then I did a retarded sort of head bob and said, "Sweet!"

As I was walking down the street afterwards, I looked at my receipt carefully. The cashier RETURNED the first one and then never charged me for the second. I didn't go back because I figured I had given her a chance when I commented on how it was less than I thought. Am I a bad person? Well actually probably yes, because I probably should have gone back and bought you something else too for the equivalent price. Oops!

Steph said...

Mel, TOTALLY not too late to make it up and still buy me something else with your "free" money! you can give it to me Saturday, I won't mind:)