Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry I've been oh so MIA lately!

Sooo much has been going on! I have tried to upload pics, but blogger keeps having errors and I get impatient. Okay, quick recap:

We have a foster puppy. I think we already have a home for him though, they are picking him up Friday for a trial run.

We have no grass in our back yard, and are re-sodding it this Thursday.

Our fence is well underway.

Our side yard is almost done.

I've had my blood drawn twice. In two days. Bitches.

My patio furniture gets set up this weekend.

I have 2 amazing b-day parties planned.

I joined Kennedy Club Fitness and have become obsessed.

Jerad is amazing.

My camera is slowly biting the dust.

I'm just writing random crap at this point.

I miss Beth (be my workout buddy again?)

Work has been insane... and not in a good way.

I miss my black hair haha.

Our bathroom is 92.76% finished... not counting the shower.

Our friend Taylor bought a house!!! (well its in escrow)

I'll try again w/ the pics tonight.

1 comment:

Beth McDermott said...

TAYLOR BOUGHT A HOUSE?!?!?!?!? GAH! How cool!
I will b your workout buddy ANYTIME. Me and TY are taking 545 power class in atas 2nite. Kids are going into daycare... and we are sitting in hot tub after. Come if you get a wild hair!
Ive been to the club every day this week so far too. Its definitely an addiction. And less fattening than chocolate!
Who's taking the mutt?