Sunday, August 3, 2008

Catching Up: Last Monday, Al Jardine and Bo Bice

We met up with my mom and little sister Addy and saw Al Jardine and the Endless Summer Band who were free on the Grandstand. Al Jardine is a founding member of the Beach Boys and the lead singer of "Help Me, Rhonda" and countless other Beach Boy classics. The Endless Summer Band consists of Al, Matthew and Adam Jardine, along with members of the original Beach Boy tourning band from the 1960’s. Pretty much it sounded exactly like we were seeing the Beach Boys. Except WAY sad since the audience was pretty sparse.

After that, we headed over to see Bo Bice the runner up from American Idol season 4 who was on the free stage!!!! I'm not a fan or anything, but we did get into that season, and since it WAS free...

This is Jerad excited and waiting for the show:

And Me:
He actually was a really good entertainer and really engaged the audience:

Hmm, now that I've lightened my hair we are looking somewhat similar... except for the eye color.


Beth McDermott said...

FREAKISHLY similar. you have a family full of hotties.

The Bitchy Wife said...

SEE EVERYONE!!! They look so much more alike than we do...not that I wouldn't LOVE to look like those gorgeous blond hotties..I just don't really.