Thursday, April 22, 2010

Other Stuff

(AKA the stuff only our families care about)

Lately we've been running around to lots of appointments. I mentioned before that I finally got Jerad to go to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup and we found out that he was going to need 5 more appointments to take care of everything? Well, he's had three already. The first was a periodontal scaling and root planing on one side of his mouth. Everyone kept telling him horror stories about it and he was NOT looking forward to it at all. Plus it was supposedly going to take 2 hours and the only time it could happen was during the middle of his work day so that made it even worse.

Luckily, it was not at all as bad as he was thinking and he only had minor soreness. Plus it only took 1 hour! This week on Monday he went in for a crown. On the same side as the scaling. I guess when you get a crown, it starts off temporary and takes a few weeks for them to make the permanent one which means that he'll need yet ANOTHER appointment. When we got home I could tell it was really hurting him and suggested he lay down. He passed out for almost 2 hours and only got up because our doula was coming over. He ended up taking about 4 Tylenol between that evening/night which is super rare around our house. The next morning he still was sore so I was like "no shit Sherlock, you have sick time... USE IT." We slept in and then got all sorts of stuff done around the house. Later that day (Tuesday) he had another apt... this time for a filling, on the same side. It wasn't too bad but whatever is in the shots they used for the crown/filling wear off for him really quickly compared to whatever they use for the scaling so he gets sore pretty fast.

Next week is one more filling and scaling. Luckily those are on the other side so he can get a little break in there. Its kind of fun because now that I'm not working, I can go to the appointments with him. Well, technically I walk him there (the office is close to our house), and then walk home, do a few things, then walk back to pick him up. Luckily the weather has been super nice during all of his visits.

He's also been going to the chiropractor weekly and getting all aligned and whatnot. Its nice that there is someone else to tell him "hey, your posture sucks. Take care of that before it screws up your neck/back anymore." Those might not have been his chiro's exact words, but still... some reinforcement was nice. He has all sorts of little exercises he's doing and they seem to be helping.

I've been going to the chiro weekly as well. Its become something that I really look forward to. I love all the soft tissue work and almost fell asleep at my last appointment! She said that my pelvis and tailbone felt a lot looser last apt which means the end is getting near. Did I mention that she will come out to the birth to do an adjustment if things are slowing down, and will do the newborn adjustment at our house? Love it.

Besides that we've just been finishing up things around the house. Projects that have been put off for years (I can't believe we've been in this house for almost 4 years now!), last minute birth prep, little things like organize the junk drawer. This last weekend our shower head broke in the hall bath, the sink started draining suuuuuuper slow, AND the tub faucet started dripping. Annoying. Luckily I am married to world's handiest man and that's all fixed now. He also finished up the ceiling in the remodeled bathroom, and has helped me with every other project without complaining. Including moving out our washer and dryer and vacuuming/mopping under them. We found about 5 different dog toys. I'm good about cleaning under the beds and couch, but apparently not so much with the washer and dryer. Ewe.

Our birth supplies and birth kit have been packed, unpacked and reorganized and repacked multiple times now. We've made up all the beds with clean sheets, then covered in plastic, then put another set of sheets on top of that so I'm safe to have my water break or push out a baby on any bed in the house. Maxi pads have been soaked in witch hazel and frozen for the postpartum period.

Besides having my daily routine of picking up the house, vacuuming and mopping, dusting, keeping up on the laundry and re-cleaning the bathrooms... I've also finished all those little things that never seem to get done. Like organizing the junk drawer, sorting out my craft stuff, going through and getting rid of worn out socks. All while somehow managing to take naps, exercise, read, work on my flower and vegetable gardens, and give the dogs and husband extra attention. I am SO GLAD that I listened to the midwife and Jerad and took these last few weeks off from work. Its amazing what having 11 extra hours in the day does for a person!

The downside is that as each day goes by, I feel better and better and more and more excited about what I'm getting done. I know that doesn't sound like a bad thing per se, but I think the norm is as a pregnancy winds down towards the end you should get more and more antsy for the baby to come and more uncomfortable in your heavily preggo body until you basically will yourself to go into labor. If I keep feeling like I do now, I might be pregnant for another few months.

I was 3 weeks late myself so I'm not counting on Baby Hutch making any kind of early arrival. Which is fine, I'm not anxious. He can bake as long as he needs to to come out nice and healthy. Or if he decides to come soon at least he will be born into an organized home that is more than ready for him!

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misguided mommy said...

can you come live with me, and organize my life please. bring hubby too, i have some trim thats needed to be done for a year, and some paint, ooh and i would love to hang the light in my living room that has been sitting in my garage for over a year the list goes on and on and on