Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing new around here...


This week has just drug on. Jerad has been working at 6am which means I've been getting up an hour earlier too. He does this thing where he likes to repeatedly hit the snooze button. Normally when we both work at 7, it isn't an issue because he can snooze while I'm in the shower. Since he's been working at 6, he sets the alarm for 5 and hits snooze every 5 minutes for half an hour THEN gets up... in the meantime I can never fall back asleep.

The first day was nice. I was able to sit down at the table and have breakfast instead of swallowing bites between dressing/hair/makeup. Then I checked my email and had a nice calm transition into the morning.

Every day since then has just sucked ass and its lucky I don't have to work tomorrow. I can only feign friendliness for so many days.

Tuesday we had another midwife apt. My blood pressure was great, no proteins or glucose in urine, my ute was measuring right where it should be, baby's heartbeat was 140 as per usual AND he was anterior this time. Every time she has checked he is always posterior... and who wants back labor right? I have a chiropractor apt this Friday, so hopefully being aligned will keep him in a good position. I also got to swab for the group B strep test and should be getting the results tomorrow. We're still weighing all of the pro's and con's of having antibiotics if I am positive. If we decide to, our midwife can administer them during labor at the house which is nice. She doesn't really push them unless the laboring woman's water has been broken over 18 hours and has some suggestions for natural remedies to reduce colonization too. We'll just cross that bridge when we get there!

Jerad also has a chiropractor appointment this Friday. Which he is terrified of for some reason. I keep telling him he will LOVE it. He's been in a motorcycle crash, does all sorts of physical labor, and is always complaining of being sore. I don't know what exactly he thinks they are going to do to him, because he makes it sound like they are going to strap him to a bed and break his limbs off. Between that and making him a teeth cleaning apt, I'm not really his favorite wifey at the moment. I told him if he keeps whining I'm calling the podiatrist too. Or its probably time for a physical or something right?

I'm really looking forward to Easter. My parents always do a big thing at their house. Blogged here and here. I am hoping the weather is beautiful, it keeps calling for showers, then canceling. Relaxing in the sunshine AND a buffet all in one day sounds like a little slice of heaven. I only agree to go to family gatherings on my side if my mom makes homemade spinach dip so I know that will be there. Its strange to think that this will be our last Easter of sans baby!

Speaking of baby, everyone keeps asking if I'm getting impatient for him to get here. The answer is I have no idea. I mean, of course I want to meet him... but it seems so far away. Then again, also close! If I were taking off all of the time that the state will pay for, today would actually be my last day at work (I'm planning on working up until the end as of right now). We can have a homebirth any time after a week from now. A WEEK. So, sometime between a week from now (because I'll hold that baby in if I have to), and 6ish weeks from now we are going to be parents. Say what? He's due May 2nd, but we're kind of crossing our fingers for Cinco de Mayo. I have BH contrax like crazy. Especially at night. However I think I'm going to be one of those people that contracts like crazy through the end of pregnancy but then still goes way overdue. We shall see. They aren't painful, but I do have to concentrate through them every now and then. I like to look at it like my ute is just getting a good workout so it will be in great shape when it is time to have the little guy.

I guess I still just don't feel like all of this is "real." I understand that there is going to be a baby soon... but it just feels like an abstract thought. Basically, I can't actually picture it. I'm like that about most things so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. When we were planning the wedding I couldn't really get my head around that either, just all of a sudden I was a wife and had a husband.

Its not that I'm nervous, or dreading the birth, or even have any reservations... I'm just kind of blank about it. I think most women get super uncomfortable at the end which triggers them to needthebabyoutrightnow. I haven't reached that point. I can still run up and down the stairs at work, no heartburn, only get up once to pee, can eat full sized meals, no swelling... I'm just kind of existing as normal. Which is nice, don't get me wrong, but I think if I was more miserable I'd be looking forward to labor beginning!

Jerad on the other hand is completely ready and excited and being more of a woman than me. He makes little lists at the midwife appointments, then reminds me of things that I need to be getting to prepare. I think washing and putting away all of the clothes/diapers/blankets made him more impatient. Like "the baby needs to get here so we can use all this stuff."

Anyways, that's where we're at now. Everything is ready for Baby Hutch and I may or may not get my mind wrapped around it before he gets here:) In the meantime, more sunny days please? I need my little seedlings to start sprouting. I didn't almost send myself into labor for nothing, grow garden grow!

Update: Our midwife just called, my group B strep swab came back negative so... no antibiotics needed!


Paige said...

I had that blank void when it came to the baby. I felt overly prepared for the birth, and could visualize every detail... that is until it came to actually holding the baby. Then my ability to plan/see/think totally cut out. It still kind of weirds me out, but I think it is totally normal.

I have some other thoughts on this (that aren't really appropriate for the public domain :) so I will email you soon- maybe even today!

Good luck- you are so on the home stretch. Try to enjoy every minute of it!

Steph said...

that is exactly how I feel!!! I feel like I've prepared for every aspect of the birth... and all the "what if's," then thats it. I end up with a faceless/nameless baby at the end. I'm sure it will be fine... just can't picture

We don't have a name which hasn't helped, and also I'm not one of those women who has totally bonded with their unborn child which probably plays into it.