Monday, March 24, 2008


Jerad and I never get each other Easter gifts, well except for the broken toe and and $800 medical bill he gave me 3 Easters ago (just kidding babe.... kind of). Anyways, about a month ago I saw the cutest, softest, stuffyest bunny in Pier One and told him that I would kill him if he didn't get it really wanted it. I never like stuffed animals but this one was just adorable and so cuddly. As Easter Sunday got closer and closer I figured he didn't buy it in time and they were all sold out.

Imagine my surprise to wake up and get this:
and 2 dozen of these:
and these way cool bracelets and rainbow nerds which is my favorite Easter candy:
I was soooo happy and felt soooo guilty for not getting him anything. Oops.

At noon we grabbed his parents and went to my parent's house along with his brother Joey, and sister Jill and her husband Marlon and son Carter. There were a few of my family members there along with my sister's in laws.

The weather was soo nice and beautiful. I have been majorly slacking with my picture taking and apparently only took a few shots of Carter. This is him being thrilled beyond belief that he got to sit on my dad's John Deere:

How cute. He'd just say "look at me, I'm DRIVING" over and over and tell us what the different levers did "bucket, scraper, fast!"

And this is him Easter egg hunting with my little sister Addy. Cutie-pies

Happy Easter!


Beth McDermott said...

Wow... go Jerad.
Glad you had a happy day.
Carter... adorable.

.heidi.noelle. said...

Fun new blogs! Made my Tuesday morning fly ;) So how did (was it) Saturday go?

Steph said...

Oh I keep forgetting to post an update. Since it was Easter weekend we decided to postpone it and now we are both busy the next few weeks...